The Spools Of Infinitesimal Thread

I knock but there’s no answer
And I’ve done my time being a dancer
Spinning the spools of infinitesimal thread
Into a daydream in my head
And I may be deluded, I may be wrong
But this love thing is so damn strong
As I feel it pulse in my chest
Weighing up who I love the best
But it flits around to varying beings
Changes with the landscape I’m seeing
An intimacy I cannot describe
I just thank God I’m alive
To experience all of this
It was Truth like a first kiss
As I wake up to what I am
And all that moves without a plan

2 thoughts on “The Spools Of Infinitesimal Thread

    1. I never fully know what a poem I write is about. It just seems to burst forth into my consciousness as I stay open to what wants to be written. I have an understanding of what it means to me but I suppose it could mean different things to different people.

      In my mind it kind of recounts an awakening experience I had that made me feel close to God and also the way I feel a sense of intimacy with all beings as a result. The dancer part is about the way I feel that it is time to stop running around after things of this world and how it is important to step into my power.

      Hope you liked it! All the best 🙏


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