While you were headbanging I was at the swell season 
Contemplating a love beyond reason
And your war became my oxygen
As I struggled not to see it again
But every time I look it is there
Love doesn't know how not to care
So ask the tap to turn itself off
I am the beauty you are afraid of

The Fragments They Weave

Conspiracy theory
Do the people fear me 
Just because I spilt the milk
All over the finest silk 
And they locked me up 
For want of love
And I tried to elucidate
But they just put it down to fate
And that I must be here
Ambiguous as was the fear
As that guy who admitted me 
He said here's the place you're meant to be
And I gotta say I spun the dial
And I must have walked a mile
Up and down the hall
Facing the bouncing ball
That seemed to hop between the frames
And I go by many names 
Coz I contain multitudes
And I have loved several dudes
In the guise of the One
Always seeing the only Son
Of the Lord that rules
And I break the ones I learned in schools
Coz I could never quite find myself quiet
When I internally riot 
Against the shirt and tie 
And the fact that people die
When you're not really looking there
And what do you do with all of your care
But cry or hold it in
Suppress the wilderness within
That has you seeing the open expanse
Where the souls go to dance
When they exit this scene 
I wonder if it's just a dream 
To think that when we leave
There could be something in which to believe 
Coz I was told the story
But parts of it simply bore me
And other parts terrify
But the one called by the Word doesn't lie 
And it's made real in the way that he walks 
He doesn't need to pretend when he talks 
Coz he's the living, breathing Reality
And when I let it go he found me 
Right there on the floor
He's the man that I adore 
And he was there all along
Footprints in the sand and I belong 
On the beach once more 
Just another fallaway floor 
To face with stern forgiving 
And is to float just living 
Coz I feel the open air
Blowing back my long hair 
As I learn to trust the breeze
And be okay when people leave
This earthly plane 
But I wouldn't do it again

Every Day

I know it’s unseemly
As I dreamily
Write your name next to mine
As if it would be fine
Just to intrude on your space
And leave a toothbrush at your place
And I’ve lost the appetite for game
But I love you all the same
If you’d let me near
Coz, darling, I hold you dear
Like I said on the phone
Though maybe I’m better off alone
In my cavern of perfect pictures
Lines I draw and the strictures
All bend for you
Like an architect that gives gravity its due
It’s all down to the magnetism of you
As you bend metal like rope
And you change me like hope
In something I can’t describe
And I hope you’re still alive
Coz I haven’t checked in in so long
And I’ve learned that the flesh doesn’t last long
Bodies come and bodies go
But eternity shines through the show
Into this dimension as light
And I could see you illuminate the night
With your perfect stare
You say I don’t care
But that’s not true
I am heart and soul in you
Beating to the same refrain
That slowly dismantles the pain
Til the bricks and mortar that made it up
Dissolves into absolute love
There is no baddie in this equation
Just another iteration
Of life seeking solace in its source
My love, my dear, you are my chosen course

Crashing Into My Thirties

I crashed into my thirties
Got tired of the winks and the flirty flirties
And I’m still in love with John Mayer
And I dunno if he’s a player
But there is an imperishable draw
To the way he makes my ice thaw
With how he picks his guitar
And maybe he called me a star
Or maybe it was psychosis spinning
I hope I’m not “bi-winning”
Coz the storm came and ate me
And I dared people to date me
The sledgehammer played its role
But it can’t smash my soul
There is something beyond the realm of karma
And I really don’t want to arm ya
With weapons of ill repute
So I just call you a flute
And continue to sing a tune
From the halls of my room
That I have in my parents house
The queen of kings or a grand mouse
That runs amok everywhere you are
Would you wanna drive in my car?


Your eyes are like the ark
The creatures enter two feet apart
And I make sure to keep away from you
Because I think you don’t love me too
But maybe you do
And I’m out on a limb, I guess, it’s true
And we fought and we shouted and I hit you back
But you’ll always be my favorite almanac
And I’m still knocking on your door
You answer me and ask for more
And we kiss on the step
Because she doesn’t know yet
But you’re gonna tell her or I will
I’m not waiting forever until
We can make it two by two
And you’ve got a different look, do you
Still feel the same
And I always hide your name
Coz I don’t want to lay the blame
For what we were
Or give you an excuse to fight with her
But it’ll be okay
Coz at the end of the day
The love will keep everything okay
And somehow in the midnight I excuse myself
For playing cards that have already been dealt
And one is mine and I fold
I don’t abscond the way you bold


We’re all interconnected 
It’s metta here
And will anyone know
How I hold them dear
Coz I think back
Over days in Dublin
Caroline and that girl
That was troubling
But can I wish her well
Though she made life hell
Slamming the door of the press
Who does she think she address
With an anger that just escapes
From her form and I see shapes
Making themselves crystal clear
The demented and it came near
Close enough to see a ghost
In place of a man I love the most
And back then he was just a boy
And I a girl and power ploy
Laughing into the storm or rain
Asking Sam to play it again
As we dance at Oxegen
Now I’m all eyes for Fin
And you told a tale of fear and woe
But I said I’ve got to go
Coz you wanna wife with child
And I’ve long hair and am wild
Running with the wolves like Belle
But you know I gotta tell
You were an incredible sort of awesome
I’m running this creek like a wee gosoon
And it’s been twenty years or so
She lets me know I’ve gotta let go
Coz she’s so rooted in the earth
And I can’t pretend it didn’t hurt
When she turned her face away
And there’s nothing I can really say
Except I’m crying in the bathroom, wipe the streaks away
And we’re both freaks so what is there to say
Except that you roll with the punch
And sit alone at lunch
Only for Ruth and Christine
To come over coz they have seen
Me adjacent at the fold
And I am young but, man, I’m old
And pretty soon I’ll be trickling down
Like a stream onto solid ground
Beside the waterfall of you
I love it, red and blue

Is That You?

I can feel you
Hairs breadth close
And I’ve fought to find
Love and God knows
That’s not the way
It’s not just what you say
It’s what you are
And I drive a nifty car
But it can’t drive me to the stars
I never meant to break your heart
As I stumble into your arms
I dream of us growing old on farms
With our children around us like the bough of a tree
Covered in leaves of dignity
As we flourish and hold the space
Of all we thought to create
With our love
It fits like a glove
And telepathy
Is someone just talking to me
Like a radio wave chime
Signaling the intro to a new time

Sunny Day Parade

I run from the feds
There's something about wilderness
And the skin that it sheds 
And I can't deny
The impenetrable draw
Of a long ago love
The kind they outlaw
As you sneak a glance
In my direction 
There's something about trust
And its defection
From the old regime
They can't control 
The way that I dream 
And I'm just spinning thread
From the spools in my head 
It's nothing too dark 
(Although there is some dread)
In the machinations 
We grow from 
It arose in a moment
And then it was gone

A Rhythm And Blue

It’s all too easy to go back to you
You sing the thing with a rhythm and blue
And you shine like Cassiopeia in the night sky
You engender love even when you don’t try
And I would never want to see you suffer
I’m sure you really did love her
It’s just you played the tune for me as well
Walked with me when I couldn’t tell
Which way was up and which way was down
In the years I lived in that big old town
And tried to find clarity in each refrain
I found you like relief from the pain

Love And Its Effects

I loved you and you walked away
But, hey baby, I’ve got something left to say
And do I spell it out like vertigo
I’ll paint a picture so you will know
And you may be far away
But I wake with you every day
As the sun kisses my forehead and just shines
And I think of you ten thousand times
In a single hour
And, my God, the power
Of all that you mean to me
I pray that you see
But even if you don’t
I won’t
Give up, ever true
Here is my love for you

Riverbed Refrain

I can’t escape the panther that stalks my steps
Living in the land of no regrets
And he chases me down
Marveling in a beautiful gown
At all I’m wont to wear
But I feel a little tear
In the fabric come undone
And he’s like the night to my sun
As he sings of things he knows not of
Causing confusion and calling it love
As his longing brings him to the brink
Like I was starling being urged to think
Then suddenly fallen from the sky
I wake up after I die
In a land I didn’t choose
It’s like walking in a new pair of shoes

Supernova Galaxies

Is it too much to wish
Is it too much to hope for
That I could bang
On a closed door
Coz I know you’re in there
And I chase you down
You’re staying in your place
Just outside of town
And I want you
For my very own
Tell me for real
That you’re not on loan
From the days of tomorrow
I’m not one to borrow
But if you’re there
I’ll wipe away sorrow
From the cheeks of your face
That you’ve cried in the past
My love isn’t temporary
It’s made to last
And my heart is calling
Out to your hand
We can dance
It will be grand
As you get up
Off of the floor
In all of the years
I just love you more

The Closest Star

It seems I’ve gone this long without understanding her
There are oak trees and Douglas fir
Growing up between the spaces that we left
I look at her and it’s all theft
It’s all subterfuge and cavalcade
But, my God, she’ll never age
Only remain the eternal we are
Light years away from the closest star


She writes music that catches in your soul
As if all the waves have to do is roll
And midnight comes before each dawn
So don’t lament what’s gone
Because it will come around again anew
You can’t miss what is destined for you
And I hope that’s true coz he’s all I see
What if he was never meant for me
I wonder and I pause and I flip through the prose
What if he is the one that fate chose
To hold my hand and be the One
I see him like he’s the Son
Of God in garden grass
And I wonder if all I had to do was ask
Would you maybe wanna be my guy
I know I’m quiet and I didn’t try
But do you think you could take a look
And read me like your favorite book
And it’s fine if you don’t know my name
I’m gonna love you all the same
And wish you the wealth of wisdom and heart
I never thought we’d be so long apart

The Tough Girl Image

I keep it all on lock
But I can never be what I am not
I click my tongue
I’m impervious and I am young
Til the facade cracks
And I’m all lost in I can’t have you backs
As the days age
And I spill ink upon a page
Or burn a little sage
Oh, to demonstrate what I feel is true
Lost in a dream of me and you
Or us and them
I run the film clip all over again
When I stride through halls
Now I renovate and knock down walls
Do you love me true
Coz I found myself with all of you
And I can let the refrain
Cancel out the years of pain
Why do I hold on
To what is already gone
And deny what’s here
The water in the lake is crystal clear
As it reflects the sky
Why in the world must everything die
Only to be reborn
I was the earth outside of the storm
The solid ground
As the wind twists the air into sound
It reverberates
Like a glacier that equates
Ice with movement, don’t you know
But there are places it can’t go
As it meets the sea
I’m more than what appears of me

Photo by Pietra Schwarzler on Unsplash.com

The Cosmic Mind

The cosmic mind
Knows what it's doing
It points out dreams
That are worth pursuing

And I'm so lost 
In the creases and folds
But it breaks a sunrise 
Across the sky it holds

And the horizon 
Is burning red
Til I can't remember 
Where I've been led

Out into the warmth
Of a new day
I'm trusting in it


What is the impact
Of my unemployment
Could I more than say
I don't know where the ploy went
Coz I've up and grown
And true colours have shown
But I still say
I don't know where I'm going
Does a river when it's moving 
Imagine the sea
It's like a premature 
Deciding who to be
As an oak grows upwards
From a single seed
And there are things
That we all need
From the sky to the sun
To the rain in the clouds
How many human beings
Can say that they're proud
Of the life that they're living
Of who they are 
The atoms inside us 
Were forged within a star
So know this once
And know it forever
You are the beauty
The cosmos will treasure
Every day of your life
In the depths of your soul 
Don't stop at okay
Go ahead and be whole 

The Pilfering Midnight

The pilfering midnight
Steals all I ever am
It takes things
I think no one can

As it comes in smooth
And steady waves
And it’s nobody
That it saves

As they all
Just walk the beat
Never really knowing
Their own feet


Dreaming about the superstar last night

And I really hope that he’s alright

Because he’s been through tough times too

But you know I could sing along to

Your glorious refrain

You make castles out of the pain

And I could be your princess, dear

The water is so crystal clear

And this is not all you’ll ever be

Now when I’m seeing you with me

The Peace That Passeth Understanding

The peace that passeth understanding

Why build walls when they are demanding

Why build towers and monuments of gold

When all you’re doing is getting old

And seeking to find in outside stone

A refuge and a place called home

When all fades and passes and ebbs away

You must know in your heart what cannot stay

So don’t devote your life to building sand

Or do but know the sea washes the land

And brings back to base, brings to renew

The dreams that we make of me and you

But there is a fountain, a source complete

And it had me bowing at the feet

Of the one that could show me the way

That after night there follows day

And everything is in the cyclical realm

If you are the captain, then who’s at the helm

Of the ship that you’ve been steering

And the way I walk is so endearing

That I must, come what may

Give up my endeavours, just put them away

And concede to be nothing, naught at all

Like the water over a waterfall

Coming down pummelling into the pool

I’m always reminiscing on my days in school

But they are long gone and forever away

And one sure thing about time is that it cannot stay

That experience is bound to disentangle

So don’t get caught up in the mess at an angle

Just live and learn and be and love

And know the messengers from above

Who hold your hands and walk with you

You’re not a body so what could you do

But be the vehicle of the divine

I’m not saying I love you, I’m saying love is mine

And yours and his and hers and ours

Use the faculty of the soul and its powers

To discern what’s true and real

Don’t let life just be a steal

But render the Truth as rugged and pure

As the questions you answer that you know for sure

That you know to be real and honest and right

Don’t settle for a candle when you are the light

Don’t settle for a word when you are the saying

Love always is the source of my praying

Photo by Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

The Captain

Ok, I’ll sail a new ship to the sky

I’m in the water and I don’t know why

Moved by a force I don’t understand

And somehow all of this has been planned

And it’s holding my hand and pointing the way

I’d love to go but I cannot stay

Only be the fortress deep and true

Know who I am when I’m talking to you

When I say the words that are promised of Christ

It may be good but it’s more than nice

And renews all the villages standing on Earth

Relieves the problems and eases the hurts


The cacophony resounds in my bedroom

It plays to the sound of doom

And I try to run but I can’t get up from the bed

Til I peel myself away from it instead

As the many fangled locket dangles from the sky

Painting a different view, I don’t know why

As I try to overcome my flaws

I be the heat til the icicles thaws

But I’ve been so long in this state

I’m not sure that it would be great

To leave it all behind

The maya mind

And all it bequeaths

But I hear the call to kneel at the Guru’s feet

And you could call it many things

You could call it inside

It knows my name

And I’m terrified

To be the one to take the step

I don’t think I’m ready yet

But I’m pulled like a thread

Through the needle eye

I gave it up

And I don’t know why

Photo by Patrick Carr on Unsplash

Passing Through

We’re only passing through

We’re a whisper on a page

We are the bodies that we grow

And then again to age

We’re the midnight in the summer

When the moon is shining high

We’re the truth between the lines

On the paper where we lie

We’re the justice and the mercy

The all bequeathing love

We’re the hand that writes the heavens

In stars far above

We’re the darkness and the light

The fire we ignite

But among the chaos

I know we will be alright

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


Dancing to a rhythm

That no one can see

There is music playing

But is it just me

Who can hear the call

Of the Divine

And endless reservoir

Of fine

And a diamond mine

In the grass

All you ever have to do

Is ask

The Ogre

The ogre

Eats me up again

He knocks on my door

And sends me into a spin

Like a washing machine

Or the depths of a dream

I roll

In endless currents of my soul

And dive deeper into the ocean again

I was free once, and I will be when

And I remember now

Under all the fray

That I am endlessly


And fine

I hopscotch to

This rhythm of mine

This Winter

The feeling of panic

Knarls in my stomach

Maybe this is too much to be

Maybe there’s so much yet to see

But the aching roars

And the spirit soars

To become an avalanche

Of my own making

And I count every one

Of the breaths I’m taking

In case I misplace one

Amidst the snow

The winter has gone on

For so long, you know

NF Party

The NF party

We can all join in

And it’s not limited

To us and them

It is what

We’ve always been

It may just be

That we haven’t seen

And if life

Is just a dream

Then who is the one

In the stream

To feel the water

Rush by

And I

Don’t have to try

I just live

And I breathe

Giving love

Just what it needs

The Winter

The winter, it weathers

The brush and the grass

And I wonder about

That which will ever last

And you could call it God

You could call it Christ

It transcends death

It is Eternal Life

It goes beyond time

It goes beyond space

It is the Peace

That will never cease

It is the Love

To always abide

It is the Freedom

You don’t have to hide

Don’t have to cover

With shields and holds

It is the Wisdom

Inside our souls

It is the breath

It is the breathing

It is with me

And it isn’t leaving

Photo by Katarzyna Kos on Unsplash


The love, it abides

The music, it sings

Into worlds

Of everythings

To pierce

Your darkest night

Don’t you know

It’ll be alright

Because every hair

On your head is counted

And the emptiness

Is a hidden mountain

Of stability

That just remains

Regardless of

Time and pain

Regardless of

Lost ways

It’s all around

That’s what it says

Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

Vibrantly Alive

Peace is alive

It’s vibrating sound

It’s in the room

And it’s all around

It is the space

Within the form

It is the heat

That keeps us warm

That keeps us safe

Held in its hands

The permanent

Among the sands

Of time

That just change and wave

It is the Lord

And He will save

All of us

Come what may

There’s nothing that

You have to say

Photo by sunnie on Unsplash

The Calling

The Lord, He calls me

Into who I’m meant to be

Onto the road I’m meant to walk

I don’t want this to be all talk

But the evidence of Truth

To be alive, to be the proof

Of the goodness that knows no bounds

The silence within all the sounds

The love that is all abiding

It’s time to come out of hiding

Photo by Benita Anand on Unsplash


The Lord knows how to walk my shoes

And I know how to pay my dues

As he directs my glance

There’s no need for a second chance

As he makes my spirit dance

And a new way

To make headway against the tide

A way to live my life alive

A way to communicate to all Beings

The power of our shared seeings

The power of Grace to renew

And it is living in you


The light it struck me in the dark

And I had to give up playing the part

Of the hard done by fool

It happened one day in school

Where the Divine called my name

Pulled me away from all blame

Unto a new dawn

And all the pain was gone

All the suffering that could ever be

Is just an illusion that you seem to see

But we are free as a bird

From the story we never heard

The Love of Letting Go

If you love something, you let it go

That’s what I’m doing here, you know

As I let go of my grip on the infinite

I think I just might be alright

And concede to life that death is king

He will take everything

Every stone and every blade of grass

And doesn’t ever think to ask

But there’s something even time can’t steal

It’s in the domain of the real

It’s pure and it’s refined

And far beyond the old mind

That would tell you this is that

And have you running like an alley cat

Up walls and over bins

Years lost in the din

Yet something finds me in the Now

I don’t know quite how

But it pulls me up by my boots

And still I grow deeper roots

To fulfill my nourishment

I need no encouragement

To be the light that I am

I move in waves without a plan

Image Credit: eberhard grossgasteiger at Unsplash.com

The Mystery of Being

The mystery of being

I can never know

Who it is that I am

And where I should go

So I walk on the stones

Laid in the water

To get across

Coz the other side caught her

And it’s got that feel

That loves to move

And there’s nothing there

That I can improve

And I can be certain

In the Great Unknown

I love the shore

And it’s where I am goin’

Riverbeds and Ancient Eyes

Where riverbeds

Meet ancient eyes

And I wheel away

My disguise

The one that keeps me

Safe and warm

But it is useless

In a storm

As the wind batters the coast

I’m in a cabin making toast

And the fire it roars

As my spirit soars

To hear the rain

Against the window pane

Knocking like some inane

Visitor from the plain

And will you

Ever visit this place again

It’s been so long

And I don’t know when

I’ll ever get to say your name

Coz, love, it isn’t the same

Silhouettes in the Starlight

Were we just

Silhouettes in the starlight

As you console me

It’ll all be alright

But I know

You can’t reason away things like this

And if forever was only

Our first kiss

Then what is lying

Far down the road

All I can say

Is that it’s all that I knowed

The Bright Lights

The lights shone from the sky

Bright and in awe and I don’t know why

As the days rolled into weeks

And the weeks into years

And I get by on just hiding my tears

And the best part of me

Doesn’t say a thing

She is just ancient 

And a bird on the wing

And if she could

Then she would sing

I loved and so 

I gave up everything 

Image Credit: Elen Laureano

It’s Fearless

The sound of Taylor
Brewing up a storm
The heat could keep
The whole world warm
As she sings
To her own refrain
Growing up 
And out of the pain
Into something
Afresh and anew
I guess that I
Believe in you

Having To Let You Go

It's not that easy
All this having to let you go 
I didn't think
I'd have to do it, you know
I thought we could
Go on forever
But now every endeavour
Speaks of you 
As you go on with your life
And ardent devotion over strife
Seems to capture my days
And there are so many ways
To miss what we had 
And to regret 
What turned out bad
Could you forgive
If I live and let live
And consent 
To being the presence 
Where heaven went 


Is it worth all the time
All this losing weight 
All the giving in
And shedding hate
Because time has come
For our true Self
To be revealed 
As nothing else
Than that we've 
Been searching for
Knock and the door
Opens from the inside out
I'm not the words
That come from my mouth

The Sound of Thirty

Listening to Snow Patrol
Rock the beat
And Gary Lightbody
Fast on his feet
To an uproaring tumult
Is this what it means to be adult
Still listening to music in my room
Then doing yoga via zoom
Or on youtube 
Finding new seas
That I traverse 
Like never be's


I write about no one
And nothing agrees
I am split level
I've got my degrees
And if you ask a question
Who is to answer 
Love is the way
And life is the dancer
To a new song
To a new word
And it's like the best
Sound you've ever heard
But this poem's just a tribute
It's not the real thing 
You know it when
You give up on this fling
That you've been caught in
That you've been living
And God is peaceful 
He is forgiving
So don't walk away
From all you own
Just listen to your heart 
As true colours are shown
As light and love
Break through and bask 
All you ever have to do
Is ask 


Someday I'll be a wife
But I woke up in the night
To discover it isn't to be
And there's this emptiness surrounding me
And it moves
And it breathes
And it gives me 
What I need
As I ache 
And pilfer dreams
They're not really
True it seems 

Image Credit: Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash.com 


The weight of worldly wisdom
Lies on me
And there is something 
I used to be
But the far distant shore
Has pulled me in like a tide
Now I'm three quarters half alive
Learning to breathe in from my roots
As this plant grows shoots
Up into the open air
I could've sworn that he was there

Image Credit: Johann Siemens on Unsplash.com 


It was like a new dawn
The day the sun broke
And I'd come apart 
Inside my own hope
Building a home
Out of tinder and wood
I'd run with the wind 
But I'm not sure I could 
Be anything but still
In the glen, in the field
I gave up the game 
I gave in to yield
And something in the forest
Then was revealed
It was like smoky chimneys 
Now the flavour is sealed
As I wander pathways
That lead through the trees
And life is more 
Than what is believed
Than what is restored
To ardent love
A devotion to Truth
That shines from above

Dream Talk

It's all I can do not to blame him
And Lord, you know, I cannot tame him
With my heart all made of fire
And his way of raising it higher
With the wind as it blows in
And did we ever begin
Trying to get closer
Then further away
You know I couldn't say
All that I meant to you on the phone
You're in the room and I am alone
But bring me some water and flowers to dry
I said okay with a tear in my eye
And you, everlasting you
Just smile
As you hold my hand
We were meant to be
It wasn't planned
And I laugh
At your inanity
Remember that time
You just ran at me
Down silky, silver snowy days
And I've been with you in so many ways
But still aloft 
I held your eyes at no cost
Though my own benefit
Be unharmed
I wouldn't settle for any charms
But love
In twinkly starlit nights
And you beside me and alright
Oh love, what are we meant to do
We're in a dream and I choose you
Only to wake 
With sheets in my hand
There's none of this that I had planned

Later, dude!

I don't want to monetize you
In case you lose your value
You're riverbeds and open skies
And i would never want to dull you
Down into the grey refinity of age
Where words upon words just write the page
Into existence, then out again
I could write about life, then love, then men
But you, oh imperturbable you
I could never capture you within the walls of this cage
And you make the beast inside of me rage
Against the machine that is holding it down
You're an ocean and in it I drown
Only to discover my mermaid nature
If not now, can I save you for later? 

Empty Air

The day it all dropped down by my side
Is the day I truly came alive
And there was nothing there
Just empty air
Nothing with the will to get by 
And I just basked in the vastness of the sky
I wasn't big and I sure wasn't small
Only aware of it all
And perceiving 
Something that was
Beyond believing 
And beyond reason in its perfect hue
There's nothing there I have to do 
Only make waves to lap the shore
And give in to worship all I adore
And once again, once more
I let go to open the door

The Weather

The weather moves in its own way
And, Lord knows, it wasn't meant to stay
But be free flowing and in motion
Like some kind of locomotion
And all I can do is just agree
Consent to It using me
To achieve its own aim
This life is free 
But it's not a game
Not cheap to buy 
Or sell the ticket
Neither calm 
Nor there to trick it
But only abiding in one way
I love you and that's what it says