We’re all interconnected 
It’s metta here
And will anyone know
How I hold them dear
Coz I think back
Over days in Dublin
Caroline and that girl
That was troubling
But can I wish her well
Though she made life hell
Slamming the door of the press
Who does she think she address
With an anger that just escapes
From her form and I see shapes
Making themselves crystal clear
The demented and it came near
Close enough to see a ghost
In place of a man I love the most
And back then he was just a boy
And I a girl and power ploy
Laughing into the storm or rain
Asking Sam to play it again
As we dance at Oxegen
Now I’m all eyes for Fin
And you told a tale of fear and woe
But I said I’ve got to go
Coz you wanna wife with child
And I’ve long hair and am wild
Running with the wolves like Belle
But you know I gotta tell
You were an incredible sort of awesome
I’m running this creek like a wee gosoon
And it’s been twenty years or so
She lets me know I’ve gotta let go
Coz she’s so rooted in the earth
And I can’t pretend it didn’t hurt
When she turned her face away
And there’s nothing I can really say
Except I’m crying in the bathroom, wipe the streaks away
And we’re both freaks so what is there to say
Except that you roll with the punch
And sit alone at lunch
Only for Ruth and Christine
To come over coz they have seen
Me adjacent at the fold
And I am young but, man, I’m old
And pretty soon I’ll be trickling down
Like a stream onto solid ground
Beside the waterfall of you
I love it, red and blue

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