I’ve run so far

Away from home

And it feels

Like I am all alone

It's writing on water
All this creation
The highs and the lows
Beyond the elation 
How could my lonely ramblings
Mean anything to anyone
I just know it will not rest
Until the words are done

The Love

I'm not doing it for the likes
I'm doing it for the love
And these words just flow through me 
As though sent from above 

And I can't say a thing
About their creator
Only that they
Just radiate her 

And even when a song
Plays its own tune
It's not as though I
Am the only one in the room

And it connects threads
And it weaves so fine
It's like a tapestry
That is just mine

And I don't want to take credit
Where no credit is due
I do it for the love
And this love's for you 

As deep as the ocean

As wide as the sea

Is the reservoir

Inside of me