Crashing Into My Thirties

I crashed into my thirties
Got tired of the winks and the flirty flirties
And I’m still in love with John Mayer
And I dunno if he’s a player
But there is an imperishable draw
To the way he makes my ice thaw
With how he picks his guitar
And maybe he called me a star
Or maybe it was psychosis spinning
I hope I’m not “bi-winning”
Coz the storm came and ate me
And I dared people to date me
The sledgehammer played its role
But it can’t smash my soul
There is something beyond the realm of karma
And I really don’t want to arm ya
With weapons of ill repute
So I just call you a flute
And continue to sing a tune
From the halls of my room
That I have in my parents house
The queen of kings or a grand mouse
That runs amok everywhere you are
Would you wanna drive in my car?

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