Every Day

I know it’s unseemly
As I dreamily
Write your name next to mine
As if it would be fine
Just to intrude on your space
And leave a toothbrush at your place
And I’ve lost the appetite for game
But I love you all the same
If you’d let me near
Coz, darling, I hold you dear
Like I said on the phone
Though maybe I’m better off alone
In my cavern of perfect pictures
Lines I draw and the strictures
All bend for you
Like an architect that gives gravity its due
It’s all down to the magnetism of you
As you bend metal like rope
And you change me like hope
In something I can’t describe
And I hope you’re still alive
Coz I haven’t checked in in so long
And I’ve learned that the flesh doesn’t last long
Bodies come and bodies go
But eternity shines through the show
Into this dimension as light
And I could see you illuminate the night
With your perfect stare
You say I don’t care
But that’s not true
I am heart and soul in you
Beating to the same refrain
That slowly dismantles the pain
Til the bricks and mortar that made it up
Dissolves into absolute love
There is no baddie in this equation
Just another iteration
Of life seeking solace in its source
My love, my dear, you are my chosen course

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