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Who am I to be
Who am I to go
Who am I to stand
When I just do not know
But the standing stands itself
On a wire or a string
I may be clueless
But it knows everything
To pull me from my socks
Back into my boots
To pull me like a tree
Up from solid roots
And it may have its reason
(It doesn’t have a rhyme)
All I know is that it says
Baby, it is time

Hidden Saviour

I saw Jesus in your eyes
Did I ever tell you so
Well I wasn’t supposed to
So I guess that’s a no
And I’d always loved
My hidden Saviour
He never reprimanded
Me my behaviour
Only spoke softly
To point out the way
Picked me up from the earth
When it wasn’t going away
And for a moment
I thought you had stole
The power of safety
The man in my soul
So I turned away
Only to hide
I’ve got to keep
My Jesus alive
But there’s an impending
I wonder can you read it
In my diction

Artwork: Jared Emerson – Face of God

The Songstress

I saw the shadow of my soul in the indent of his eyes
I took it on the chin and it took me by surprise
Like the sun and the moon forever apart
Until that time of day when they both take heart
And you’re not a perfect person, I could list your flaws
And there is an ice inside that never thaws
But I saw you in the ash though you hid in the smoke
And you handed me a fiver when I was going broke
But I am no beggar, at least not anymore
And I am tired of knocking at the same damn door
When I know the truth is this, you’re not who I sought
Although you just might be the best lie I ever bought


The Divine Feminine

I keep tryin to fix it
When its not broken
Everybody knows
You can’t speak the unspoken
Everybody knows
You can’t be the unborn
Only relinquish
The clothing of form

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A Heartfelt Quote

A mysterious presence
An unspeakable quiet
My life was a hoot
Man it was a riot
Til it all burned down
Back into ash
I once was impulsive
Yeah I used to be rash
Go storming in
And storming back out
Never knowing when
To shut my mouth
As the chains encircled
I felt the vice
Til it trapped me there
It wasn’t nice
Then she walked right in
With the softest arms
Told me she’d
Keep me from harm
Told me she’d
Never let me go
And, well
She didn’t, you know
And the blush it colours
Her cheeks so red
Every time I repeat
Just what she said
That she loved me so
And would always be
Here with me


Its not something about you
Its intrinsicality
And I am only now
Beginning to see
That the same is true
For my own dear self
Indeed if we are talking
Is there anybody else
It was nothing that you said
It was nothing that you did
It was just the simple light
The simple light that’s his
That shines from every eye
From each and every pair
A subtle reminder
Of something that is there
But when I look in the mirror
All vacant and numb
Losing the looks
I never had when I was young
I see nothing but peace
Papered over with skin
Its nothing about me
Its just that I am him

Image Credit : nsn on Pinterest


It doesn’t matter if I’m strong
It doesn’t matter if I’m weak
It doesn’t matter if I’m silent
Or have the strength to speak
All it hangs upon
Is a hook upon the wall
And I am not
Responsible for it all
For every passing tide
For every passing wind
For every passing person
Who tells me they have sinned
All that I can know
And all that I can be
Is the hole that perforates
What it means to be free

Image Credit: © Digitized Sky Survey (DSS), STScI/AURA, Palomar/Caltech, and UKSTU/AAO

All I Am

All that I am is all I’ll ever be
Whether clambering up or falling from the tree
Whether kissing dust or kissing air
All I am is all that’s there

Image Credit: Winston Porter – Blue Tree

Saving the World

Just be the Self
Then you don’t need anything else
Stop trying to feed the lame and poor
And just walk out of the damn door
See here, it’s held ajar
The light streaming from the car
The riverboat that you can’t save
If you don’t know just turn the page
And your excuses hold no ground
They slip away like falling sound
In a mudslide you’ll lose your house
Unless you’re rooted in the grouse
So don’t come to me with your tears and folly
Admonishment of the holly
Just stand up and be stone strong
Take your place where you belong

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