The Poetry Book



Bodhi Tree

Sitting underneath the Bodhi tree
It is just the Bodhisattva and me
And we do not talk, we do not converse
He sings in lyricism and I in verse
How could I be but a passing thread
Playing a tune to call the dead
And are we what they told us then
I lose faith to find it again
To find it on ground that knows the earth
Soil that could never be dirt
Air that is always pure
An angel in a dream demure
And when it is half past ten
I get up and leave the door again
For consciousness is but dreaming prose
And waking, the one I chose


I delay the Infinite
In losing myself to the trite
In losing myself to the come what may
Oh Lord, what I put off until another day
And yet it can never even be said
That glorious feast, the wonderous spread
Though I can’t bear to take a taste
For fear of what goes to waste
I see the Sun upon the hill
But mine eyes only ring until
I close them to the Holy Light
Enveloped in my own midnight
Oh Saviour, do you know the cause
It gives me breath, it gives me pause
Til the speaking once more utters itself
And kneels me down upon someone else
Do you know the Source, do you know the Spring
Where the water rises from Within
Do you know the Sea, do you know the route
As it comes home to the Truth
I have no greater tale than this
I fell upon what I cannot miss
And everywhere, wherein I be
It is all that I can see
No multitude, diversity
Just the Silence in the tree
Whereon he died, under which he sat
So many stories but I am That
In the eyes of what you can’t see
Will destiny come back for me?


The tears are falling from Yeshua’s eyes
When I look inside I see everybody dies
And he’s got bullets in his hands and feet
Salty water where the rivers meet
And I do nothing to testify
I just sit in my room, contemplate and cry
Missing the whole point of the dear thing
He gave up his body so I could sing
He gave up his mind, he gave up will
And I’ve given nothing but a promise until
The seas roar and the clouds overshadow
What’s growing inside my fields so fallow
And I will yield it all at the break
Give what they never even thought to take
That flesh may come and flesh may go
But it happens within what I do not know

The Dream of Existence

The Dream of Existence
The Nirvana of Self
The knowing I Am
Before anything else
In the turbulent times
In peace abide
In the dark of the Void
There’s nothing to hide
And in the Light
So pure inflame
I look up and wake
When I hear my Name

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Through the eye of deficiency
Through the needle of storm
I find the place
Where the heat is still warm
Where courage abides
And beauty abounds
Where silence is heard
In the absence of sound


The Grace of Guruji
Manifesting in my life
I didn’t know the Truth
Until you came into my life
I had ideas
I had games
I had bodies
I had names
But I never had my Self
Can such a thing be said
Thought you knew Beauty
Only after you were dead
But illusion crashed down
Like a tree upon the hill
Breaking all the branches
I had clung unto at will
Til monkey mind is no more
Walking out the door
I didn’t know that I was lying
Til I stood up from the floor

The Mysterious

I sit on the stool and hold his hand
He says, “It’s ok, I’m fine, be grand”
And I know that it’s true
But it doesn’t take depth away from you
He sighs the air
And I feel the weight of all that is there
“Look, See”
He turns around again to me
And the silent storm
The colour of tide we all call warm
And I see the shadow of another day
The ashes that burnt away
It’s me too
I look back again to you
Two eyes that peer
And in that moment, crystal clear
Subtle defeat
In the sound of my own heartbeat


The wayfaring stranger
The wandering soul
The infinite sky
The dark black hole
You move like the sea
You breathe like the air
You love like fire
And just being there
You lit up my life
Like a starshot stream
You woke up the lion
And ended the dream
You left like the night
Before the dawn
And what can’t be seen
Is never gone

Image Credit: @partyrosalipsx

The Christ

My Lord and Saviour
The light Supreme
The cracking sound
That wakes the dream
And I have laboured
In darkness too
In shadows and
Miles away from you
But you always come
And take my hand
Tell me softly
You understand
That life is trials
But when you look
There will I be
And I went to the city
Hungry with life
Ambitions were
Just out of sight
And I reached my hand
But I never could
Catch hold of something
I call good
Til I’m back on my knees
Pleading to the sky
I saw beautiful
Shine from his eye
I saw commonplace
I saw unique
Felt silence that
No sound could speak
And my devotion is the answer
The steady beating tide
The heart inside my soul
That keeps the love alive
And I didn’t find Jesus in the pews
Or in all of my good deeds
I found him in the rain
And it’s all I’ll ever need

Matter and Form

I move with the sea
In tides I roll
Everybody compresses
Their immortal soul
Down into matter
Down into form
Down into just
Keeping the bed warm
And I don’t have the answer
Don’t know the explain
Why the wind comes in sheets
And the air blows in rain
But I know this much
Though I don’t as much say
That life comes in waves
To keep things at bay

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Kissing dust at the edge of the sky
The feeling of wanting to both live and die
As I come apart slowly in your hands
Salty water where sea meets the sands
And there are no firestorms here
Only candlelight and your breath in the mirror
To quench the fog I’ve held for so long
To bring me back to where I belong
Resting as always by your side
Within is without and I am alive
Now that I know what I’ve kept at bay
The something inside that’s not going away

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Witness Be

I watched you grow, I watched you learn
I watched the cogs on the wheel turn
I watched it all, the witness be
I watched from here while you ran free
And in the end, is it ever really done
I hold on tight to the one
I picked up, come what may
I know you love me, no matter what you say
And if you wanna just say hi
I send one back, there’s no goodbye


The anthroplogist in me
Wants to see this bird set free
Wants to see this bird fly home
To a place that is her own
But all the arching backs to see
Like cats on windowpanes to be
Even though the going’s long
I think, I know, I’m not wrong

Double Take

Did I mess up

The wind whistles windowpanes through my cup

And I see the fault was with you and not

With me, in my fiction glance

But does he wanna dance?

New Verbs

Basic bitch

This modern vernacular

Got me confused

And I feel blue and in need

For the twining of each dreadlock

In my hair (They’re not really there)

And all these emoticons

I use the old word even though it’s gone

I hide in the darkness so no one will see
The depth of the light that lives on in me

The strength of the power to there reside
Is a secret I keep, is something I hide

For it is my power that scares me the most
The beauty of that holy ghost
The spirit of light to here divise
That all of us move and each one will rise

I watch him move
I watch him dance
I watch it all
Like happenstance
I watch the beat
Rise and fall
Synesthetic in my withdrawal
Cause the musics got feel
And goddamn its real
Til there’s nothing left
But to watch the bells peal


The decimation was sweet this time
Almost sweet as the crime
That did me in, in grevious sin
A harmony that lies within
To symphoneous play
Each and every day
My feet pound earth upon this clay
Oh the subtle sound
Is sweet
Where two halves meet
As whole
Deep in my soul
Sings anew
And as always sings only of you
Not one but two upon a church
Was love ever meant to hurt
Me thinks not
But I forgot
In the falling time
How sweet can be the beautiful divine
To kiss the past
Made to last
Oh love,

Slow Tides

The winter wore on for longer that year
And to tell you the truth I shed no tear
For I love snow in all its glory
And if you come close I’ll tell you a story

The wind in the willows
The snow in the grass
The question that
I daren’t ask
The name you can’t speak
Lest heretofore
Pulls out the rug
From under the door
But must superstition
Govern my life
And if I say no
Am I bound to strife?

The new consciousness
Is pouring through
It comes in as me
It comes in as you
And in the life manifold
Fields of green and fields of gold
To touch again and renew
Nothing there we need to do
But be born afresh again
Into an unending amen

Perfect Pop

Have you got “Perfect Pop”
Just tell me when to stop
Because I’ve got the rhyming beat
Stunning, can you turn up the heat
Just don’t ever change
That’s what they used to say
To me and I endeavour
To be myself, this way, forever
And now to you, my bro
I don’t know if you know
You’ve got perfect pop on your lips
Twilight, new moon, eclipse


That drumming noise stems a beat
And my god you can feel the heat
When it rumbles into town
Rivers rush and I drown
In the weight of rolling might
And fire to ignite
Every candle burned in me
Jesus, could you call this free
When the road is made to walk
And I moved with words to talk
In the beauty of a tumbling soar
One thing in life I can’t ignore


Thunderclouds roll
And I sing of sonnets
That live in my soul
I sing of the rise
And then the fall
The slow burning fuse
That burns through it all
And when the storms over
And all dulls to calm
I nostalgically
Ring the alarm
To let me know
Now the coast is clear
Though thunderclouds roll
The lightning’s held dear

Stationary Point

This is a story of my one true love
The hand that fits the others glove
And as the dew falls and waves crash
I wish to sign on but instead I dash
Away coz you can’t catch a squirrel
I dance like a ballerina mid twirl
Poised between perfect and I don’t know
The way is made so I just let go


The darkness unfolds in written letter prose
And every path is the one I chose
Back to the place where home calls me
Living love like I am free

The River

There’s a river running that wants to flow
So who am I to not let go
Who am I to hold it back
For fear of all that I lack
For fear of all thats born anew
I don’t know what fate will do
Except rush the tide thats flowing free
All through the heart of me

Inspired By

The firefight and the wolves
Walking through oceans of lightbulbs
And jagged points to hold aloft
Must I always be this Lara Croft

Love Alone

The following was long and grey
I hear whispers of what they say
Trodden like a sodden march
Like salutations in the dark
And when the right has been done
Realise that love is one
And always itself to reveal
As more than something you can feel
Akin to a stateless state
Free of all that you call hate


We all walk the wild way
Doing things, not what they say
But interfolded into arms
Keeping everything from harm
And no more will the lashing burn
The time has come, now take your turn

Writers block is writing my way
And I don’t know what to say
To anyone or anything
But I still have the wings to sing
And open out to unfold
This path is made of solid gold
But when I walk what I can’t breathe
It is everything I need
From everyone so commonplace
Now love is gone without a trace
And where did it leave me thus
I just take it all as a plus

Lay Me Down

Lay me down in salt and water
To walk the way while I escort her
Down a hall to nowhere land
Holding heaven by the hand
Could you please come this way foe
Don’t be a lamb, be a doe
Eyed to kiss this storm
My God the light is just so warm

I couldn’t help it
It just felt like home
And maybe its better to be alone
Try to resist the joy
Because no one needs a boy
But somehow need does not suffice
And days without you aren’t nice
Days too long in the shadow
Of leaving where I had the hallow
Or maybe not as the darkness moved
It split the light into grooves
And everyone to separate
I watched and waited to bate breath

Goldfish bowls and poetry books
Sudden smiles and dirty lookS
Turn aways and come agains
Baby can’t we just be friends
But no she said with a smile
It isn’t worth my while
And turned on her heel and went
I didn’t know what it meant
When heaven spun on a star
Don’t you know how lovely you are?

Fill the Void


Acceptance and Surrender

The blockage it is like a wall
I hold on tight and freefall
And the tighter I grasp
The longer it will last
For I know the final night
Comes to me in the light
But all the saying never will
Bring back forever until
I concede that only I
Can love the letting go to sky
And all else is subterfuge
An asking that I’m bound to lose
So if you hear me cry
Then clouds are falling from on high
And even though the might is wrath
You can have me at last

It is not the ones who die
It is the ones who are left behind
Have you ever seen the crawling skin
Of the death that comes from within
And pours out of eyes as they stare
At someone who isn’t there
Have you ever felt the desperation
As they claw at the appelation
Of a symbol of time
A snapshot of divine
But held within is all the light
You could ever need to ignite
A body back to life
And you are that dynamite
So don’t cry over the corpse box
They have undone the locks
Of the one who was the shine
That smiles when their heart meets mine
The no where that you think they be
Is no where but with me
And home again, do you not know
That I follow where you go
That I touch where you trace
That some things you cannot erase
Like a love for an age
To always be the rage
To light the match of undone
To close eyes and be the one
Who will never fight
Go to them, I’ll be alright

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

My anger burns me more than anyone else
I hold it in so I won’t go to hell
For daring to lash the flare
The solar that isn’t there
Because the understanding is
You walk by and do not miss
The bodies that lie wasted dead
Yes, I heard what you said
That no one cares but some do
Just coz that someone isn’t you
Do not think it to be true
That caring comes out of the blue
For sometimes when you least expect
It from someone you do suspect
To be made from a different atom
Point the way and I’ll come at ’em
For daring to stomp the pride
Of the ones I keep alive
I hold out hope but I see
Everywhere the people bleed
And even though I try to stand
I always fall to the man
In every human heart and soul
Clawing, trying to be whole
By hammering a nail in place
The sacrilege to deface
The bloody of a beating heart
The heat that makes a new start
Impossible and now I see
None of this was about me
But only responsibility
I bear not but destiny
And Mother Earth to groan and heave
And people to just believe
That wishes really do come true
They don’t it is up to you
And not at all in the end
Nobody is a friend


I always knew God was a prick
Seven years old and I cannot do it
Believe benevolence could be held
By the warmakers on the veld
Believe the Lord could be sublime
To puncture what is divine
And make a mess of the mash
To destroy and not come back
To die and never be
The maker of destiny
But within the might is this
The depth is what I kiss
To never give my power over
To wilderbeasts or a four leafed clover
Because all is circumspect
And you can guess what comes next
The defiant open praise
And the demonisation to save
That could spill the blood of man
The flesh of the one who can
The mitre of the one who moves
The body of the breath I lose
Because I cannot move a crack
Without the threat of the whiplash
So I flip the papers out
Into faces and roundabout
Goes into the other edge
Life looks better when you’re dead
And growing the greener grass
Thinking you are just an ass
For daring to subliminally
Mess with the heart of me
Go cash in on some other chips
They must be right, you don’t exist
The light in the eyes of the other
The people that I call brother
The ones that I say hey to
Are the same ones who will do
The darkest to the little scheme
There’s more than one way to wake the dream
There’s more than one way to bubble burst
But try me and I’ll kill you first
And I won’t bow so do your worst
Wear black when they call the hearse
To bury what you thought of me
But though I die, I die free
And there are things I’ll never be
Maybe someday you’ll see

Bad Reputation

To whom do I address my work
To God or to the Hurt
And are they as but one
A chemistry to be undone
A Love Story I cannot save
For reality is the grave
That is impending all our lives
The swimmer is she who dives
Down into recesses dark
To find what they impart
And when I come up for air
I find that there’s nothing there
Only the Armada to come
And the jealousy of the One
To be single and be whole
To rest inside my soul
And need no complete
The swords will fall at my feet
For how could you but betray
The one who has gone away

Growing Panes

“Go, run, hide, under your bed”
Did you not know that I am dead?
As a child in her infancy
I swore the dream would not have me
To Hakuna the Matata
I’m four and the Aga
Khan is breaking down my neck
I wonder what comes next
As I nightmare T-Rex
And wake up to the suspect
That when you walk to fear
It vanishes my dear
When you stand your dragon ground
The fire doesn’t make a sound
But quells itself upon your name
Raise your hand and stop the game
That tit tat toes you forever
In fruitless Endeavour
I let the lucid dream take me
Risked the depth and am free
To always be shackled down
So people will know the sound
Of chains breaking when I speak
I may be young, I amn’t weak
I may be small, I amn’t thin
I may be here and not within
But if you pierce the diamond flesh
An archetype of what is next
To reverberate the whole
I’m no soldier but I’ve got soul
And I’m strong enough to kill you
Go ahead, I dare you to


To whom do I commune with, when I commune with the stars
It could not all be prison bars
For even the makers of an encapsulate
Must be there to observe that state
So the drawers down of an illusory veil
The conscious ones who do impale
Must somewhere stand to be perceived
It was not to be believed
But seen with eyes that I now know
Where you follow, there I go
And as I move and as I walk
As I lose and as you talk
I see the splinter in your side
I see the pain in your eyes
For how could all be a fallacy
When pupils look at me
And stare as though there’s someone there
The soul in you I swear
Could reflect a diamond shine
Don’t mess with the dark divine.

Wild Hearts

Wild hearts can’t be broken
And the suggestion makes me laugh
Its doesn’t merit the worth of the title
If you give in to feeling bad
And give up on the fight
To break through and out
Don’t be filled with fear
Don’t give in to doubt
Don’t let the motion change you
Don’t let the movement still
Let the others fall away
But I never will
Come hell or high water
Come brigands or come saints
I will be the masterpiece
The heart inside me paints

Don’t Do That

Is there an objective evil
Or am I just Kineval
To ride on my bike and hat
I go down roads to not come back
And they all there with their taboo
Sorry I don’t give a shit about you
As all the lines you draw around
Only begin to trace the sound
That plays like music in my head
And I would not like to be dead
While there is blood pumping my veins
So I take purification pains
To leave the dream and leave the state
That people live and people wait
For a tomorrow that never comes
And the Now is the One
But anyway, write me off
I am the future, cough, cough
And when the dark comes to shine
Then you will see that the sublime
Lives in every heart and soul
Lives inside as I roll
Like an asskicker down the road
Don’t try to carry a load
That you were never meant to bear
I see the veil and I tear
It to shreds and all asunder
Do you hear the sound of thunder?
Coming with the new dawn
I know I’m right, I’m never wrong

The Divide

I would die for life on Earth
That is why your words hurt
When you call me a bigot girl
You’ve never lived inside my world
You’ve never known and you’ve never seen
You haven’t been where I’ve been
And when you make the assume
That you know about my room
Then I must rebel
And tell you to go to hell
For all the judgements lay on heads
That are full of insteads
If you don’t know then do not speak
And do not think me weak
When I do not point the arrow
At the place the path will narrow
At the point the river breaks
And divergence all forsakes
If you really want to know
Then understand before you go
And calling names works both ways
There are things that no ones says
And gaps in perception blues
I will not fight with you
Only stand firm in my position
Amid the weight of supposition
And delineate the shape
Of what you call an escape
For the missing link is this
There is something that you miss
When you say nothing is all there is
Look before you leap abyss


My own ego, ego, I must write it down
I am the architect of being a clown
And I am the idiot to write words
I know in my heart will never be heard
To hold onto something that never is
A long lost and there forgetting a kiss
An innocent smile and a broken twig
A take away and a give
But when the answers all fall me up
I’m not sure I ever gave love
Only the match I longed to seek
Only the pieces where I felt weak
Only the jigsaw I wanted to fit
I saw an answer and you were it
But you are a person and human with blood
And if I knew then I never would
Have wanted to cause you an ounce of pain
Some things you do once and never again
Because all the honesty that I could spill
Can’t take back the past and I never will
Forgive myself for what I could not do
I chose them, I chose them and left you


School was boring, it was too easy
I could tell them the truth but they’d never believe me
About how light bends to refract
About things that leave and don’t come back
About the die and how its cast
About impermanence and the last
But they rattle on about this and that
While I contemplate the black
That hides in everybody’s eyes
Don’t they know everybody dies
And we are wasted here like this
If I could fulfill my wish
I’d drown the siphons that they scream
I would surely wake the dream
That they’re all dreaming in defiance
I’ll make a holy alliance
Of people who feel the same
This is real life, its not a game
And when they see me in truth
They’ll know what I was in my youth
Nothing to infantalise
But the hope that sees through lies
And burns down all the trees
Destroys all the neverbees
And in that dark pollute
I will wear the Death suit
To pull the war all to shreds
But the sleepers are still in their beds
As I slowly come to succumb
The end is not to be undone

Pleasant Trip?

Sometimes I feel like the masculine twin
Instead of the she that is thinking of him
Because I’m so protective inside my soul
And it is more than making me whole
It is writing you a sonnet
And thinking about how you might think on it
If you ever happened to wander my way
If you happened to care what I think to say
And all of their words are flies on the screen
I flick them away with a wiper and scream
And when I hear ears I build the light
To put out the lies they love to fight
And you held me so calm and carefully true
I would die any day for you
If you just give the word I’d rush to your side
Come in and out like the movement of tide
But alas it is gone, alas it is over
Though I always hold hope like a four leafed clover
Because minds change and misunderstands
May be commuicae I can command
So like Romeo or the fictional hero
I watch the life burn down to zero
I watch the dream slowly fade away
I watch it all and I do not say
That though it hurts and though it burns
I’m never done with the taking of turns
And borrowings fine, while it lasts
But I have a heartache to leave you aghast
And keep it in pockets, keep it in secret
Keep it so close that you wouldn’t believe it
So you might be free to live as you like
And not be obliged to make me alright
But forever more til the Earth pass away
These are the only words that I’ll say
I love you long and I will be
Yours, always, for eternity

Against My Better Judgement

My love is ardent, my love is true
My love is not like how others love you
But I know I’m just a man in clothes
Who walks in places nobody goes
And you shine effortlessly, you shine so pure
You are nothing if not demure
And I on the wing, I on the fly
I all or nothing til the day that I die
Would do anything for you just to consider
That some leaves are so green they never wither
And I may be broken and surely am rash
But when I lay down I do it in cash
With all of my chips and all of my might
With all of my fire and all of my fight
And just because you did not see me do it
Does not mean that you didn’t walk through it
And have it imbibe, have it surround
I hear every word and carry each sound
And if my life is only to remain
Staring at skies and feeling the rain
Then it is still far better than
Anything other than holding your hand
For a minute or two, for a second to last
Don’t write me off to part of your past
When all that I have and all that I am
Is waiting and hoping that you understand
That everything’s nothing without your smile
For you I would walk the green mile any time
And if it is but a rose to offer
Then I’ll leave it doorstep and only think of her

This Is A Charming House

Torture me first before you let me go
Tell me what you think so that I know
And rush the water and rush the tide
And I give up trying to keep us alive
Because all of the efforts sought out in vain
Only ever did nothing but prolong the pain
Of an innocent surrender bound to last
I wish you weren’t part of my past
But ever present and ever true
Did I even talk to you?
Or was it a dream, all in my head
Wake up in the morning and you are dead
From the ravages of time and spirit
You brandish a sword but I do not fear it
Only surmise what I always knew
You do not mean what I meant to you

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