There’s no pain or suffering in the Great Divine
And I guess you could say it’s always been mine
But there have been days that lasted all night
As I clung to the handrail of being alright
And there have been years that passed in a flash
Like the bad weather when the rain starts to lash
And I don’t really know who I am anymore
I know I’ve been knocking for years at that door
Without ever really getting a reply
But in this garden I can see the sky
And the stars all flicker for me, a million dancing lights
Burning spheres of fire that the night ignites
And if you could tell me where I should have been, well I guess I’d go
But there’s something in this moment no one seems to know
Something that’s held firm, something that’s held true
Something that could bridge the gap between me and you
And I’ve always written my best work when I should be asleep
And in all this time you’re what I keep
Hidden between the folds amd creases
It is a love that never ceases
You could call it forever or unconditional
You could call it that sip of tea when your cup is full
And I don’t know what to say anymore to anyone
If I’ve rolled with the ocean you could say my time is done
As the world collapse inside me like a beautiful black hole
And I am drawn within by my very soul
To a place I can’t escape, though I wouldn’t want to anyway
There’s nothing more to do and no more to say
Except I love you always and always will be
The diamond in my heart, yours eternally

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