I can never hold it back
This wordsmith inside of me
As I am ever critical
Of what I try to be
But I’ve got words, Lord
And they keep on coming
Like a train on a track
Or Usain Bolt when he’s runnin’
And what do you think they mean
When they are pouring forth
Are they just another outdoor game
I play when I’m bored
But no, I have to believe
It is something more
That it is the sound of Truth
Knocking on my door
And is anyone home?
Do I undo the latch?
Because this fire in me
Burns like flames and thatch
And I can never put it out
The whole sky could rain on me
And I’d still be smokin’
With all I’m meant to be
So I will be the candlelight
To light the road aflame
And become much more
Than the letters in my name
And if you’ve got a midnight
Well, I have had one too
Til He set me afire
And he’ll do the same to you
If it’s what you really want
To have courage in your soul
And be the tide that is forever
Caught within the roll
Caught within the wave
That crashes on the shore
And like a beach I live my life
Always there for more

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