Is everything 
Cinematic these days
As people walk 
Picture frames in ways
As they walk 
Down the street
It's cute 
That we meet 
On the edge of town
At the end of days 
And it's everything
Everybody says

But what am I 
Supposed to do
When I'm no more
It all to you
And the story tells
Itself to me
It says "hey babe, 
You're free
But I don't feel
That way no more
I walking through
The closed door

But would you answer 
If I shouted out 
Can you read my lips 
Before my mouth
Says something I
Can't take back 
Didn't mean to be
On the attack 
But somehow people
Tell themselves
You can leave it up
On the shelves

For later but 
It's never there
And I know deep down
You did care
But what am I 
Supposed to do
When it is 
No longer you
No longer us
Or what we could be
I love you deeply
So, I set you free 

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