I've always been a romantic 
And so dramatic, it's true
But I could never 
Have dreamt up you 
Coz you're so distinguished 
So refined
And you kinda stole
All of my time
With your genuine
And your reflect
I didn't see you coming
Couldn't predict next 
But only hold 
Onto your sleeve
You know you made
Me believe
And I'm a cynic
And jaded too
But it falls apart
Around you
Like the walls I built 
To hide myself 
You get right in 
Like no one else
Like no one can 
Like no one does 
I'm defenceless
And I call it love
Coz there's no sign 
Of separation 
I stared you out 
At the train station
And you ran 
You ran way 
But there's so much
Still left to say
And if you would 
Just hear me out
You'd know what it is
I'm about 
But all this empty 
Space won't do
I've got to find me 
In front of you
And if you could 
Would you erase the years
I never meant to cost you
Any tears 
Never meant to cause you
Any strain 
But with things like this 
There's often pain
And I would smile
And hold your hand
Tell you that 
I'll all be grand 
I'd tell you that
My love is true 
And I wish the world
Of the best for you

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