All of the Boys

I love you far and deeply 
And the wall curves so steeply 
It can't keep me out from you
Because I know what you want to do
As you walk me to the door
And I couldn't want you more
With my hand on the locket you gave me 
I didn't ask but would you save me
All the trouble and all the time 
Be the best one of mine
Because I have written a time or two 
But none of them is anything to you 
As you smile and you laugh
And you just hang out in my gaff
With my little sister playing games 
You were one of my five names 
And I didn't know there was a choice
But I gave my love a voice 
As it sang to it's own refrain
Can we promise not to cause each other pain
But we know that there are hearts in this 
And it wasn't fake, our first kiss
Out there on the track
I thought there was a way back 
But in all I hid from you 
You were there, and I saw it too 

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