The Social

I'm scared to go on the social 
In case I see your face
You are so at home
And I'm just out of place

And I know you have your problems
And I have mine too
It's just I never thought I'd be the one
Chasing after you

And you give out this light
It's like a diamond shine
And I have spent an eon
Just wishing you were mine

And I know we've got these barriers
Obstacles on every front
And you may have said my name
So I have to bear the brunt

Of all that you've been talking to 
Of everyone I know
And I didn't want to follow
When you told me to go

It's just I see these stars
Shining everywhere
And I have a dream where you and I 
Really do care

But life is on the wall
It has us on craic
And now that we have gone that way
There's really no turning back 

But tomorrow's always sunshine
Don't trade it away
Don't get lost in people
And the things that they say

And sometimes smile to sky
And think of me right well
I love you always
I don't know if you can tell

I don't know if you can see
Strings on my guitar 
Each chord plays its own refrain
About exactly what you are

And I could only write the Truth
As it spreads out its wings
I just drop the chains
And my heart it sings

As you sideways look at me
Forever dilettante 
I have to say I'm happy
And you get what you want

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