Dream Talk

It's all I can do not to blame him
And Lord, you know, I cannot tame him
With my heart all made of fire
And his way of raising it higher
With the wind as it blows in
And did we ever begin
Trying to get closer
Then further away
You know I couldn't say
All that I meant to you on the phone
You're in the room and I am alone
But bring me some water and flowers to dry
I said okay with a tear in my eye
And you, everlasting you
Just smile
As you hold my hand
We were meant to be
It wasn't planned
And I laugh
At your inanity
Remember that time
You just ran at me
Down silky, silver snowy days
And I've been with you in so many ways
But still aloft 
I held your eyes at no cost
Though my own benefit
Be unharmed
I wouldn't settle for any charms
But love
In twinkly starlit nights
And you beside me and alright
Oh love, what are we meant to do
We're in a dream and I choose you
Only to wake 
With sheets in my hand
There's none of this that I had planned

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