Your eyes are like the ark
The creatures enter two feet apart
And I make sure to keep away from you
Because I think you don’t love me too
But maybe you do
And I’m out on a limb, I guess, it’s true
And we fought and we shouted and I hit you back
But you’ll always be my favorite almanac
And I’m still knocking on your door
You answer me and ask for more
And we kiss on the step
Because she doesn’t know yet
But you’re gonna tell her or I will
I’m not waiting forever until
We can make it two by two
And you’ve got a different look, do you
Still feel the same
And I always hide your name
Coz I don’t want to lay the blame
For what we were
Or give you an excuse to fight with her
But it’ll be okay
Coz at the end of the day
The love will keep everything okay
And somehow in the midnight I excuse myself
For playing cards that have already been dealt
And one is mine and I fold
I don’t abscond the way you bold

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