The Peace That Passeth Understanding

The peace that passeth understanding

Why build walls when they are demanding

Why build towers and monuments of gold

When all you’re doing is getting old

And seeking to find in outside stone

A refuge and a place called home

When all fades and passes and ebbs away

You must know in your heart what cannot stay

So don’t devote your life to building sand

Or do but know the sea washes the land

And brings back to base, brings to renew

The dreams that we make of me and you

But there is a fountain, a source complete

And it had me bowing at the feet

Of the one that could show me the way

That after night there follows day

And everything is in the cyclical realm

If you are the captain, then who’s at the helm

Of the ship that you’ve been steering

And the way I walk is so endearing

That I must, come what may

Give up my endeavours, just put them away

And concede to be nothing, naught at all

Like the water over a waterfall

Coming down pummelling into the pool

I’m always reminiscing on my days in school

But they are long gone and forever away

And one sure thing about time is that it cannot stay

That experience is bound to disentangle

So don’t get caught up in the mess at an angle

Just live and learn and be and love

And know the messengers from above

Who hold your hands and walk with you

You’re not a body so what could you do

But be the vehicle of the divine

I’m not saying I love you, I’m saying love is mine

And yours and his and hers and ours

Use the faculty of the soul and its powers

To discern what’s true and real

Don’t let life just be a steal

But render the Truth as rugged and pure

As the questions you answer that you know for sure

That you know to be real and honest and right

Don’t settle for a candle when you are the light

Don’t settle for a word when you are the saying

Love always is the source of my praying

Photo by Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

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