Emptiness, Devoid Of Form

The feel of not existing
Like I don’t have a form
Even though the body’s breathing
Is vital and is warm
Like I’m spirited away
To another dimension
But I’m still in this one
And there’s inherent tension
Between what I am
And what I could be
I always feel the gap
Though others cannot see
And I’m mindful and secure
Minute and profound
But my wings are getting lazy
From staying on the ground
And I want to try them out
To see if I would soar
You say don’t wish for miracles
But I just want them more
As I’m touched by the divine
In form but beyond reason
It’s time to remind you
That life is but a season
And like leaves in Autumn
We colour up then fade away
Don’t blame me for wanting more
To make enough of this day
That we’re given, in between two nights
He speaks to me a moment and my spirit ignites
To burn a hole in destiny or all that is to come
I’m not just a tragic tale I’ve been telling the young
To be wary and be watchful
But don’t forget to dance
I spin the top of reason
And give you a second chance
To be all that you might
Ever want to desire
You looked in my eyes
I burnt up in the fire
That consume like ash and rust
For a phoenix to rise
It’s been exaggerated
The reports of my demise
I’m still flipping the lid
Of every bottle top
And you cannot contain me
As something that I’m not
But something that I am
And ever will be
I opened up my heart
Suddenly, I am free

Stillness Is A Dragon

Stillness is a dragon
It eats me up
And there are some people on Earth
Who would call that love
Like the last marauders
Who round the bend
Who search to find
The true friend
That shines in all lights
That is every dawn
The something that’s there
When all is gone
It’s arising in me
And it’s rising in you
The bun’s in the oven
Now let the broth stew
Til it comes steaming
Into your hands
And you know the meaning
Of life on these lands

The Hidden Dark

Running from the dark wolf in my closet
That wasn’t a sin now was it
Coz I’ve been recounting tales
Since I was knee high
And everything that lives seems to die
And I don’t know why
So I fight and I toil
And I break and I boil
Coz there are atrocities
In the human endeavor
And I’ve always been seduced
By the promise of forever
Coz it’s bulletproof
And no matter how aloof
She is I know
There’s part of us that don’t let go
In the years we grow
Up and out
And our self doubt
In a mountain aware
I love the feeling of you being there

The Cult Of Country

Is your country just a concept
Something you play with
Have you grown up
Or are you still being a d***
Coz I cannot stand in silence
As the pillars burn
Wait for someone else
To steady the axis turn
And storms are breaking out
Like they said they would
I read between the lines
Of a Book that is Good
But you seek to condemn
What is merely knowing
I look out the window
It’s April and it’s snowing
As the ice melts
And the Gulf Stream redirects
I listen to Greta
And I wonder what’s next
In this reverberate
That is slowly brewing
The people in charge
Don’t know what they’re doing
Or maybe they do
(In that case it’s worse)
You order a Starbucks
But I sense a hearse
Somewhere on the horizon
For the human race
There’s no telling the atrocities
That maybe we will face
If something doesn’t change
On the political scene
I woke up from my nightmare
And it was just a dream

The Loss Of You

Writing a poem for you
Because God wanted me to
And it happened when I was eleven
Memories of you when I was seven
And I woke in the night with a rhyme in my head
I sat in the bathroom and instead
Of writing it down
I let the ocean drown
Me with waves of grief
And every day it’s beyond belief
Because there’s no going back
And you only know it when you lack
A grandfather you love
And their promises of above
Don’t stem the catapulting might
Of waking in the night
With a poem at your pen
If I could go back again
I would pay tribute to you
With love instead of falling into
A mire that knows no end
Did I really lose a friend
And I stay around Kilglass
Coz the memory last
And your house is just across the road
The years sped up but time slowed
Down enough to let me look back
And I found someone who goes by the name of Jack
And he stills the storm in my bones
Holds my hand through the all alones
That stifle my voice
I don’t scream by choice
Just the horror of losing you
Like I’ve become the void I stare into
As if I could find you in my grief
That the pain is a measure of the leaf
I take out of your book
Does the past take a second look
Into the vast of the sky
The Kingdom of Heaven that will never die

The Slow Wither

The slow wither
Like a flower losing its leaves
And I can’t comprehend
How anyone believes
In a God of good things
In a loaded gun
Everything in creation
Screams that it is One
And I’m not exactly Buddhist
And Christian loses lustre
I’m mad busy at work
Trying not to get in a fluster
And then the peace comes
In a moment of prayer
I kneel before the altar
And I hear that I Am There
And I’m glad I keep something of you
Coz the body it is taken
And I can only hope that Heaven
Is there when you waken
Into your new life
At the foot of the hill
There’s a lot I have let go
But somethings I never will
Like your kindness and your smile
And the way you’re always there
I never doubted for a moment
That you truly care
And all I have left
Or so it seems
Is what I collected
Hiding in moonbeams
But your presence comes to state
That simply isn’t so
You only come to wisdom
In the instant you let go
And you can’t fake the fire
You barely contain
But just because you’re angry
Don’t mean you should fight the rain
As I lean into your essence
That has always felt like home
I’m sitting in solitude
But I’m not alone
Coz you’re everywhere around me
In the midnight and the dawn
Don’t have to wait for death
Because you are not gone
And seeing you again
Is just to see you now
The walls have fallen down
And it’s because of you somehow


I spent my youth fearing old age
Now I’m finally flipping the page
And finding out that the aforementioned
Is really not in this dimension
Because I extend out
Far beyond the realms of doubt
To the furnace roar and the circumstance
Do you know the electrons dance
In perpetual motion
And nothing can replace devotion
In the furthering of things
And a million rings
Cannot make me replace
The love that I came here to taste
And just drink in
It wasn’t just with him
But everyone
Everyone the immaculate Son
Of Destiny
Do you think he thinks of me
With his hand on the trigger
A rifle to fire
But love’s not down low
But somewhere higher
To take in the vista
And one can only say “I missed ya”
If you believe the lie
People we love cannot die
But fly
On immutable wings
And everything in creation sings
Of its unborn nature
My love, I could never hate ya

The Obvious Within The Dream

The pain is where the river flows
And I dunno, it’s like anything goes
As I grapple with the notion of sin
And all it was with him
Like forgiveness, unconditional
So much more than ritual
As I kneel before the altar
Bless myself with holy water
And pray that it’s enough to say
I love you deeply in every way
Can you ever forgive my crime
And call yourself your almost mine
Coz I cannot cross the line in the sand
Just coz I want you to be my man
I cannot endeavor to futilely try
Because the truth is we all die
As I casually interrupt
The story that you’re calling love
With my own flair of tigress’ brand
I’ve gotta admit I had it all planned
Every moment down to detail
Go shopping but avoid the retail
Therapy they buy and sell
To have a doctor say that I’m not well
And have a man stare in my eyes
In the land of empty tries
And I could hear screams in that place
Traumatized by all I laid waste
As I listened to somebody cry
Down the hall and I don’t know why
Could it be the vale of torment
Or a place I almost went
As I lay the phone on the table
Get up if you think you’re able
But I cannot even manage a smile
Over the days I walked a mile
Back and forth to pace the floor
All criminals that I adore
Suffering in a hall
Bounded by a door and wall
And they have to buzz you out and in
Only for Barry to flash a grin
Like all’s to hell in fabrication
Another kind of education
In how to walk a tightrope line
If I did it at all I took my time
Steadying the beat of my heart
Trying to make pain into art
As someone, lying, contradicts
But her words are not stones and sticks
To batter down a casual thought
Are you all that you have bought
Or do you just give way
Yield to the break of day
And find that there is somewhere peace
A moment when the noise cease
Only to point at the scream
The obvious within the dream


The Foundation

A permanent doubt in the foundation
It cracked at the onset of my education
And I dressed myself each day
But something had gone away
And I try to function and be strong
But all I wondered is where I went wrong
To be so fragile and weak
A sensitive I cannot speak
As I try to hold it all together
But you cannot ignore the weather
As it blows in a storm
At least the heat keeps you warm

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A Meandering Escapade

I know people are saying I’m highly strung
And there’s all these celebrities dying young
And there was a time 27 seemed old
Now it’s with the story that’s already been told
And I’ve got to pull myself up by my bootstraps
There’s no telling what’s running off these maps
And it was in a moment I just collapse
Like the fire of a synapse
As it blazes down an avenue
Into the room it just walks through
And strikes me like a light from above
It’s is a kind of redemptive love
And it burned away what I couldn’t see
So I could live the destiny
Right there on the classroom floor
As green as the grass I adore
And they say it might have just been a fit
An epileptic, nothing to do with
The glory of the sky
Just the taste of what it is to die
As I wake up a new girl in the air
It was as though He had answered prayer
And finally it was there
A wisp of wind that told me to care
And when I’m stuck behind walls I feel are lies
I remember how this always tries
To remind me of just what I am
And that everything is part of the plan
As we grow up into adult moves
Bodies that say what they need to prove
What they are at the shore
But I couldn’t have loved you more
And you look at me as though you suspect
That there might be trouble coming next
Because, God knows, your head is wrecked
And it’s everything that it affects
But I just bring the smoothest balm
To wait in the wings and stay calm
And show you what you mean to me
Now that the pain is history
And you are just a love I teach
I’m doing cartwheels on the beach
Now that I have your rapt attention
But there are days I dare not mention
When the tide went out and the water receded
It was as though you were all I needed
But I saw something in the sky
To reflect the blue of your eye
And how I know I’m not alone
When I hear your voice on the phone
And everything you mean to me
Comes flooding back like history
That you could mean the words you say
And that everything might be okay
As I finally give in to let the bay
Take care of me, come what may


Live strong
And let the beat hold the song
Up where there are no lies
From the mutant in disguise
And maya does it’s best to capture
But you have me in a state of rapture
Ringing bells from on high
And I am not afraid to die
Coz it’s just a veil that we pass through
Fr. P said that when we lost you
To a sudden and sharp
But we’re not alone in the dark
We’re held somewhere we can’t contemplate
And no one is locked out of that state
And I’ve been knocking on the door
But it was open and I adore
The freedom that has come to reign
Like I’ve been kissed by the pain
Til all that once held a stain
Washed away in sheets of rain
That just pour from the sky
The ground is nourished when clouds cry
So why should I fear my own tears
For it has been many years
In a silent solitary slumber
But the Divine is not going under
No matter how I bury my soul
Waves only know how to roll

Happiness Hit Her

How do I describe that time in my life
I’m fourteen and there is strife
But something pierces through me
It’s as though I can suddenly see
What’s before me on the page
I’m kicking back and burning sage
In my window dressing by the sea
The moment when God touched me
With Her ephemeral light
Says, get up, kid, you’ll be alright
And all of a sudden the night was done
You can’t fear the dark when you know the sun
And it came to me like a breeze or chill
Says, move it, girl, or I will
And forever was a mountain I couldn’t move
So many exams and so much to prove
But I won’t be writing for the Longford Leader
I’ll be spinning yarns so you’ll believe her
And time has passed
But that time will always last
As I scream my breath out into the air
And find something real that is there
More than what pulls away
Like cobwebs at the break of day
Filled with few in the morning light
But transparent and alright
Catching rays and bending frames
Being so much more than their names
Like I did in first class
I woke up and it kicks ass!

Tales Of Another Epoch

I can hear murmurings 
Sweet whispers in my ears
And I wait
Until the smoke clears
To really discern
What is going on
It’s been years
Since I felt I belonged
And someone’s gotta say it
Call a spade a spade
But you need both tree and sun
To make the shade
And I’m into realism
But I’m also idealistic
I don’t want this century
To repeat the statistic
Errors of a previous generation
Am I getting above my station
To say it’s gotta stop
And I don’t wanna play bad cop
But the letters on my tongue
Are spilling ink
And there’s nothing for the truth
To do but sink
In as we realise what we all do
I am just the reflection of you

The Spools Of Infinitesimal Thread

I knock but there’s no answer
And I’ve done my time being a dancer
Spinning the spools of infinitesimal thread
Into a daydream in my head
And I may be deluded, I may be wrong
But this love thing is so damn strong
As I feel it pulse in my chest
Weighing up who I love the best
But it flits around to varying beings
Changes with the landscape I’m seeing
An intimacy I cannot describe
I just thank God I’m alive
To experience all of this
It was Truth like a first kiss
As I wake up to what I am
And all that moves without a plan

The Liberation

Hiding part of myself
Had me holding onto mental health
As the only way to steady the ground
As it shakes to the sound
Of white noise and light
I’m one of the boys and I’m alright
As I take a sip of a drink
Then throw the rest of it down the sink
Coz I want to keep my nerves
As something that serves
Me instead of fighting a war
Coz both sides lose what the winnings for
As the turmoil draws you in
Ducks in a row like lines of sin
And the winter seems to last forever
But you haven’t seen the last of this endeavour
As I grapple with the ghost that throws me down
I’m in the ring and out of town
As they all call my name
I say goodbye to the chains of shame

A Bite Into The Blue

Taking a bite into the blue
And it comes up the colour of you
As I dive into the ocean
And it’s all rhythmic motion
In the life I cannot live
Is it time to forgive
The darkness of my past
Who knew that this would last
So very long
Correct me if I’m wrong
But you loved that I love that song
As you curl up by my side
Say that I make you feel alive
And now it’s all gone away
What was it you didn’t say
Coz I’m dying to know
And I won’t leave it be so
Just tell me what you need to admit
I looked at you and I sit
Beside you surreptitiously
Vulnerably confess to me
Like a secret you can’t bear to keep
I’ll visit you in the safety of sleep

That Particles Are Things

You’re burning up the atmosphere
Like the ozone layer is clear
And fuck that bullshit, I spin the dial
And listen to you sincere
Coz the guy beside me loves me
And I love him too
But the worst of the weather
Means it is not you
And closing my eyes is all I can do
So that I won’t know
The places where I should not go
Though they call to me
An elephant graveyard or Eternity
Could you please give me a clue
You laugh and say the answer too!
When I was twenty six I didn’t know what hit me
All I know is that Jesus is with me
And each step he walks points me the way
I just need to trust in what he say

Safe Haven

The war in her heart spills over into mine
When I say I love you for the thousandth time
And you’re nothing more than fantasy
Dreams I make out of the fate you see
And you’re roving wild waters
And your chivalry escorts her
At least in my mind
As I look on from being left behind
It’s a sorry state
But I won’t give in to hate
As the wound it festers
And the court is filled with jesters
That make the music of the time
But that sound could never be mine
As I pull away from modern notions
Focusing on my emotions
Til they’re all I can see
But that’s not all there is of me
And dignity
Walks me to the door
As you say your love’s no more
And I agree
I look out but it’s wintery
As I pull my jacket close
You look like you’ve seen a ghost
“You’re not gonna venture into that”
But I gave you a home, I won’t take it back
And he pulls my hand
Close to his soul that’s made of sand
As it pours on through
Was I wrong to trust in you
And he sighs
“I’ll take leave of our goodbyes”
And points me toward the flame
That is burning in the middle of his name
You can stay here
I say, okay, my dear

A New Realm

There’s an angel on the cross
He’s been resurrected and all is not lost
As he comes for me
To lift me with his wings so free
Up and out of this situation
Away from town and my education
Into a new sphere, a new realm
One where God is at the helm
Of the ship we all steer
What’s left to say when the Holy Ghost is near

Light Hands

Holding my Catholicism with a light hand
I believe in Jesus and shur it’ll all be grand
Coz I trust in the Infinite
Even in the dark of midnight
When everything closes down
And all you can see is the town
That held you back
Lost in everything you lack
But that celestial sphere
Of burning white light is always near
And comforts me in my trauma
So I walk amid the flora and fauna
Just to feel the Nature in my bones
It’s been years since I knew alones
And even in the event of catastrophe
I know the Lord walks with me
Together with two pair of feet
He leaves one set of steps on the beach
As He carries me all the way home
I guess that’s how the True Love is shown


That fast feeling of fading when you’re twenty two
And everything is growing up around you
The flowers to rise, then wither and die
The sheets of sleet that just make you cry
As you’re facing outward into the rain
Must we go through this all over again
As the avenues merge into one route
And you take a shot at the kissing booth
But it’s all just so fleeting in transition
Like you’ve woken up out of a worn condition
And into the sky that always serene
To anchor in what you’ve always been

States of Consciousness

The wrong side of the bay
I love you, I hope that’s okay
And the midnight is as much the day
As is the sun part of the ray
As it lands on grass so green
This is all you’ve ever been
And everything you’ve ever seen
But time has come to wake from the dream
And into the open expanse
Of valleys where the leaves dance
In time with the wind and for a glance
The stillness wills you to take a chance
And open out the depths of love
Like a Saviour from above
As it all fits like a glove
The symbol of the Holy Dove
And it’s not what you have, it’s what you give
Are you able to really live
To be true and forgive
Each forsaken branch to sieve
Down into a particle state
Jesus said you don’t have to wait
But be all you are right now
I know what He means somehow
As everything gives way under my weight
And I am pulled into a higher state
Don’t have to face what is on my plate
Or let it go into fate
But be all I ought to know
It took some time for the years to show
But I am it and will go
Down the route to follow
Everything and all that is
It is true that I am His
And must say through the snow
I’ll be with you as the winds blow

Back In Business

Business and trust
It’s oil and water but I must
Find some way to emulsify
As I dream a vision of an inner sky
And it’s expansive and wide
Open and free
And it feels like they’re all
Relying on me
To stand up
Strong in my boots
Let them know
That this tree has roots
And has been
Organically grown
So they can trust the ground
In which the seeds were sown
And know that they’re
And free
And capable
Of making the change
That is being called for
To rearrange
And be revealed
In consciousness
No one should have to
Be in distress
No one should have to
Die of hunger
When there’s any one
Of a number
Of ways we can learn
To serve each other
This is for every
Sister and brother
Who need someone
To stop and say
We’ve got this covered


The Cosmic Mind

The cosmic mind
Knows what it's doing
It points out dreams
That are worth pursuing

And I'm so lost 
In the creases and folds
But it breaks a sunrise 
Across the sky it holds

And the horizon 
Is burning red
Til I can't remember 
Where I've been led

Out into the warmth
Of a new day
I'm trusting in it


Am I wearing 
Malas to the Supreme
Waking up
Though I'm still in a dream

And is it Grace
All of the falling apart
I can't deny
That I've got heart

And are my assumptions
To the contrary unfounded
Was it through open fields 
I bounded

And I can feel it lift
Here or there
The tumbling structures 
That I wear

And do we build God 
Or is he real
And is realisation
More than just what I feel

I hide in the darkness so no one will see
The depth of the light that lives on in me

The strength of the power to there reside
Is a secret I keep, is something I hide

For it is my power that scares me the most
The beauty of that holy ghost
The spirit of light to here divise
That all of us move and each one will rise