Happiness Hit Her

How do I describe that time in my life
I’m fourteen and there is strife
But something pierces through me
It’s as though I can suddenly see
What’s before me on the page
I’m kicking back and burning sage
In my window dressing by the sea
The moment when God touched me
With Her ephemeral light
Says, get up, kid, you’ll be alright
And all of a sudden the night was done
You can’t fear the dark when you know the sun
And it came to me like a breeze or chill
Says, move it, girl, or I will
And forever was a mountain I couldn’t move
So many exams and so much to prove
But I won’t be writing for the Longford Leader
I’ll be spinning yarns so you’ll believe her
And time has passed
But that time will always last
As I scream my breath out into the air
And find something real that is there
More than what pulls away
Like cobwebs at the break of day
Filled with few in the morning light
But transparent and alright
Catching rays and bending frames
Being so much more than their names
Like I did in first class
I woke up and it kicks ass!

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