It’s easier to just tell a lie
Than to disrupt you with the truth
Because you could never handle
The tremors that take root
And maybe it’s cause you notice
I’m not attached to this place
And I could as well let go
As look into your face
And I know you want to hold me
As I dangle precipice
But you don’t need to seek my fortune
As the source of your distress
Because we all hopscotch
Along the lines and the cracks
But just because you read the future
Doesn’t mean you can get it back
Or direct the wind
As it passes through your sails
And turns into the past
As your body fails
As all are due to do
Precluding interruption
By unseasonable forces
Or a dormant life eruption
But if it’s good enough for him
Then I do not complain
And what binds me to this place
Is just light playing on my name
And distracting eyes
From the obviously true
Cause if I’m mortally wounded
Then it follows so are you
And all that you strive for
To protect and attain
Won’t stay up in the clouds
But falls to earth as rain
And you can’t command the weather
Or unblue the sky
So don’t fear it when I speak
About what is born to die 

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2 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. This hit me hard, this deserves a million likes IMO, its really really beautiful and well written.

    one suggestion would be or maybe you can clear me out on this, maybe you should use more punctutation to help teh poetic flow. If you are thoroughly against it however then maybe you might wanna tell me why you choose not to ?


    1. Hi, thank you for your feedback, really glad you like it. To be honest I don’t think too much about punctuation when I’m writing poetry. I more try to get the feeling across. Also, sometimes when I write I’m kind of rushing to get out what’s in my head as it’s coming to me and commas and full stops get left by the wayside. But that is a very good suggestion and something I will think about in future, especially considering the implications that it might have on the flow of the poem, as you pointed out. And thank you for taking the time to let me know what you thought, I appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

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