Evolving Into

I was something
And I could see
A new and different version of me
And it’s come to pass
That I have come to ace the class
Of transformation
Coz they flick the tv station
But the score
Is always I want more
Than what is
But I am His
And I found in life
A reflection of his beauty
In a man and it’s my duty
To explain that I
See through the body that die
Into the effortless supreme
I gasped and it woke the dream

2 thoughts on “Evolving Into

  1. Wow, this poem is very powerful and thought-provoking! You beautifully touch upon themes of transformation and spirituality. I was wondering, what inspired you to write this poem? Was it a personal experience or something that you witnessed?

    yoy e.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It is both personal experience and as a result of reading about others’ experiences of spiritual awakening. I love writing and the poetry just seems to come through me when I open myself to it so, in another way, I just allow inspiration to flow though me and write what wants to be written. I usually don’t start a poem knowing what it’s going to be about so it’s as new to me as to the readers of it! Thank you for your lovely comment – I appreciate it! 😊🙏


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