The Occidental Perambulation

It’s so easy to see it in someone else
So hard to manage my mental health
Coz I feel the tightrope laid out for walking
People have their opinions but they’re just talking
As I balance on a line I pray won’t fray
Coz I’ve lost seasons to the going away
And somewhere in the weather a monumental tome
Whispers to me, so soothe me, you’re not alone
And I crack like an egg at the edge of the bowl
Searching for a reason to make me whole
And she’s got it like atoms bound together so tight
Quark an oblivion into the night
And it’s some days on Monday’s I just like to run
Up the hill and down coz baby it’s fun
As I feel my limbs unloosen like rain
As if the release is coming again
And I hid in the tree up on a branch
If I lived in Texas I would own a ranch
To let animals roam free without care
If you think to cross me, baby, don’t dare
Coz I’m dynamite and you sit on the fuse
Crackling amber like there’s nothing to lose
And the sparks that you make warm me and threaten
To let loose all the eons I’ve spent regretting
The time that has passed or didn’t so
You hurt me so deeply so I let you go
But I’m always wanting to see you again
I get lost in the rouge of the colour of men
Coz they’re so fly it’s near as they open their eyes
Like winds blowing doors to adjacent surprise
And it was nothing but all up in the air
When he said hello and I knew he was there
As I faltered a goodbye or a maybe someday
But I let him in and it’s not going away
Though we both slam shut to a degree
And I’d be the more likely down on one knee
As the rivers race oceans to get to the shore
Absence is fondness and I love him more
For all of the ways we can’t be together
I look up at the sky and say, hey man, that’s weather

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