In His Eyes And In His Hair

I dunno if it would be a sin
But I would like to make sweet love with Fin
It’s in his eyes and it’s in his hair
It’s in his way of just being there
And answering me when I ask a question
Though I may be prone to suggestion
When he drops a line on my telephone
And I can feel that I’m not alone
In this world we call suffering and plight
But I think it just might be alright
As a new day dawns and succumbs
To the growing up when you are youngs
Or as the girl says as she drums
Her breath against the walls of her lungs
It it just like I thought it would be
Like you’re an ocean and I love the sea
To be tranquil and to be still
I’ve overcome hate but it wasn’t with will
It was with the simple joy of the act
And they way you trust when there’s no turning back
In a pair of hands he just held out
Like you’re the beauty I hate to doubt
But I do coz everything’s thin
But I’m full of peace when I’m with him
Like he came to me to be my savior
Like the bar and he knew how to raise her
Up from where she lay askance
And suddenly this life’s a beautiful dance
That has all atoms singing in motion
No neighbors to say it’s just commotion
But a heavenly chorus unto the dawn
One minute it’s there and the next it’s gone
But there’s something steady in all the rubble
And you speak to me from beyond the trouble
To a place safe and warm
Like we have weathered the worst of the storm
In being together when the night
Closes in and we have to fight
Even to breathe into the sky
People come and go and then they die
As everything reborn renews
And I forget to pay my dues
Coz I just can’t be bothered with anything sunny
I know you’re laughing but it isn’t funny
How I got into this state
From Armageddon to irate
To all is quiet on the western front
Til he takes a bite and chews the brunt
Of the worst of it all
I held out my hand and you’re my freefall

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