Letting go of what he did to me
Letting go of what she said
Letting go of the nightmares
That haunt me troubled in bed
Coz I’m living untethered
I’m a wildebeest at heart
And all I seem to know how to do
Is make my pain into art
And I paint my own canvas
I love the glorious white
But the colours of rainbow
Make the fire in me ignite
And I throw in some earphones
It’s punk rock and emo lite
I nod to the folks you asked
If I was alright
And I’ve got fury
Burning a candle
Maybe I’m just too hot to handle
But I’m an Aries and my planet Mars
Rules the conduct in the passing of stars
And you’ll never be able to touch
What is beyond your reach
I didn’t come here for students
I’m not one who has to teach
To live my own compass point
It’s been years since the Love anoint
Me with its holy Chrism
I try to get away but it seems the answer is Him
And He brushes my hair out of my face
Looks down from Heaven and gives me a taste
Of what it must be like to live in the realm
Where God is a friend and Truth is at the helm
In the midnight of another sorrow
I get by on daydreams and the light I borrow
From the sun that gives me life
Seems the setting shade gives you twice
The morning on replay
It’s always bright at the break of day

Incognito Window

Incognito window, I’m under the radar
I don’t know about the force or Darth Vadar
But I know that I can make planets spin
With the love that’s inside and the peace within
And it’s all blowing leaves off the trees
There are no words for the wonder it frees
When the weight just drops
The what you are’s in the space the love’s got
And I am not a mountain but I am not hill
I can move power with the strength of will
And she never helped me out
But I guess that’s just the space in doubt
To be forgotten or held so close
Do you see through what I love the most
Or must I just let it die
Not be afraid to spill tears and cry
Over what is yet to come
And a woman takes away the man’s son
What can you do but acquiesce
The movement’s in the way you dress
And shoulder weight like diamond mines
I’d let it go coz it’s fine
In the sunshine and the rain
I don’t think that I can do this again
So I relinquish the right to be wrong
And open heart into a song
To make it alright again
I give up on the world you spin


The fear of missing out
Haunts my sideboard
Coz nothing’s enough
I swear on the word
That I utter
Under my breath
I’m on my way
But I’m not there yet
And everything glistens
Like sunny snow
Out of my reach
But don’t you know
It’s closer than it was
And I didn’t break any laws
When I wished you down
I tore the tatters on my gown
Into the shape of a badass queen
What if this is just a dream
That is happening in consciousness
Do you trust
In the powers that be
Is it ok or will we see
What is coming down the line
There was that moment you stopped time
And I was taken by an intake of breath
It’s sharp and I cannot forget
It’s impact on my soul
I keep catching glimpses of being whole

The Occidental Perambulation

It’s so easy to see it in someone else
So hard to manage my mental health
Coz I feel the tightrope laid out for walking
People have their opinions but they’re just talking
As I balance on a line I pray won’t fray
Coz I’ve lost seasons to the going away
And somewhere in the weather a monumental tome
Whispers to me, so soothe me, you’re not alone
And I crack like an egg at the edge of the bowl
Searching for a reason to make me whole
And she’s got it like atoms bound together so tight
Quark an oblivion into the night
And it’s some days on Monday’s I just like to run
Up the hill and down coz baby it’s fun
As I feel my limbs unloosen like rain
As if the release is coming again
And I hid in the tree up on a branch
If I lived in Texas I would own a ranch
To let animals roam free without care
If you think to cross me, baby, don’t dare
Coz I’m dynamite and you sit on the fuse
Crackling amber like there’s nothing to lose
And the sparks that you make warm me and threaten
To let loose all the eons I’ve spent regretting
The time that has passed or didn’t so
You hurt me so deeply so I let you go
But I’m always wanting to see you again
I get lost in the rouge of the colour of men
Coz they’re so fly it’s near as they open their eyes
Like winds blowing doors to adjacent surprise
And it was nothing but all up in the air
When he said hello and I knew he was there
As I faltered a goodbye or a maybe someday
But I let him in and it’s not going away
Though we both slam shut to a degree
And I’d be the more likely down on one knee
As the rivers race oceans to get to the shore
Absence is fondness and I love him more
For all of the ways we can’t be together
I look up at the sky and say, hey man, that’s weather

Shadow Work

Shadow work
I wade through the dirt
That rises in our wake 
The sandstorm is so hard to shake 
And I filter it down to something simple
You pop it like a pimple 
Coz we are One
But we are two
Some Advaita
To soothe you 
Into a lull where you will listen
To my hands as the snowdrops glisten
On your skin like stone
Where's twilight when it's at home
But we're no creature and his prey
We're fighting just to get through the day
With our wands and magic paper 
You said goodbye and I, see you later
And will tomorrow be too soon
For us to share a room
Coz you move me with a stare
I didn't look but I knew you were there
I could just sense it in the stance
Of a heart which started to dance
At the mere sight of my form
And I feel my cheeks get warm
Knowing that you're just inches away
Are there words to make you stay
Or is everything all up in the air
All I know is that you were there 
And so was I 
I feel the moment start to die
As a grim realisation overcomes
And my charm just succumbs 
To some preordained reality
I never claimed infallibility
Just that I'm here to stay
And stay in love with you too, okay? 

The Monuments To Loss
Death, looming like a great paragon on the horizon
I don’t know what to take a side on
But I know I can’t stay on the fence
Or civilization will be in the past tense
As we see the aching Colosseum stand for war
But it crumbles in the end because of what it’s for
And we hear the machine gun roll
But they can’t kill the soul
And it will come round to embrace
The very worst of the human race
Til we’re all tended like wheat in the field
The wind shakes the barley and it yield
To the power of peace and benevolence
As we watch the rhythm dance
Like a song across the grass
The only truth in my life is that Love last
And in the oceans that span a sea
There’s a depth to you and me
That no wonder can contain
Let’s wake without the pain
To prompt us to stir
Do you even know what we were
As we wear that t-shirt too
I was born in the moment I met You

Second State Fine

There’s a new thing brewing
But can it keep its head
Cause the parapet is raised
And so many people lie dead
But I climb up the rock
There’s a world of things that I am not
As the sun in the sky
Shines over the seas as they go by
And it’s hopping over there
On the Western front and I care
About how it all goes down
I left half my heart in that town
And now I go back
Before the attack
In shoes that I can walk
What does it take to see through the talk
Into what is true
Is there any way I can save you
From your fate
The demolition that lies in wait
I shake the dust off my shoulders
I’m like Icarus chasing boulders
That have no business in that myth
But the world is chomping at the bit
And this is just a dragon I dance with
In my hope for a new born truth
A time beyond the confines of youth
As we let the shackles drop
What does it take for one person to say stop
And breathe
What do the people need
Can we shift the scene
Out of this nightmarish dream
I know no one who can say
That everything is okay
When we just let it crumple
If there’s lightning then thunder will rumble

I don’t want to start a fight
I don’t wannna take aim
It’s just I catch my breath
When I see her name
Next to yours instead of mine
It walks over me like a thousand times
And I know she’s real nice but I would wait
Until you trace the hands of fate
And saw it bring you to my side
In your presence I’m alive
And soaring like a bird in flight
And I know you might be alright
But I’m nothing without you my sweetest babe
I don’t even have the room to save
Myself from the gnashing of teeth
I think I’m stranded on the beach
Waiting for my ship to come in
And don’t you know it’s always Him
No matter what is said to deter
And I just wish the best for her
Because she kept you close when times were tough
And my excuse is simply not enough
And I know I was away
And you would always say
You wanted someone
And being too young
Is no reason to protest
I looked away, you did the rest
As the cymbal clattered to the floor
And I’ve never wanted anything more
Than I want you now
But I gotta give space to allow
You to have your breathing room
I loved you too late after too soon
Coz you stride across the hill
I look up and still
I see you standing there
With the wind in your hair
And your magnitude
Just a really cool dude
To open my eyes into
I know it’s not enough that you
Loved me then before I let you go
I’m writing this so you know
That your soul has a place beside the embers I warm
And you can chill by the heat of the storm
And I know it’s really bad form
To tell you this now when true love has been born
And I see you with her
And what we were
Is just echoes now in my mind
As I’m sad over what I’ve left behind
And you say it’s gone
But I can hear it in that song
You play when you think nobody cares
But I look through it all with devil may cares
And your silhouette
Is not something I could ever forget
As the stars
Make magical music out of the bars
That hold me in
If only I could get to him
But it’s a futile shot
He only sees all that I’m not
Nor could be
I amn’t she
And we
Could never refresh
The page easily
As a new sky dawns
And our youth is almost nearly gone
Eaten up by time
Like the melody you sang with the line
When you didn’t know
That you are everywhere I go
In college days
I find you there in so many ways
Just a glance
A laugh, a second chance
The fear
The feeling you close as though you are near
In the library
But you’re kissing her beside me
I just don’t see
Til now, at least, an infinity
And, love, will you ever know
That I stared at you headlong until I go
Back to your door
Rap a knock like a mini score
But you adore
The Goddess you found by the shore
And I know
Though I implore
Everything’s settled on the ground floor
And foundations deep
Underlie all that you intend to keep
And just a day
A million light years away
Can’t convince
You to change your mind since
I showed up
I don’t even know if you could call this love
It’s just you’re everything I’m thinking of
And the sky
Holds nothing to the blue of your eye
Black hole deep
Full of the light that it will keep
From a million stars that throw away
Their beams to your frame as you walk away
And I
Will love you like this til the day that I die
And cry
That we never got to be
As he takes the role of the quintessential he
Of my dreams
I know it’s not all that it seems
And I’m not Einstein
But would I be a fool to call you mine
In another dimension
One without all the surface tension
And suspense
We climbed out of both of our tents
Never knowing what’s in store
Where the zip on the line made way for a door
And you, effervescent you, just laugh
You don’t do things by half
Do you
And if it means that much to
You I will love her too
Celebrate the days of you
Two down in the park
Before I even knew that we start
Oh, the longing to be
Somewhere near your soliloquy
But it just rhymes somewhere in the distance
And I give up on the resistance
And allow
You to live your own life somehow
Just know
I love you deep like the mountain of snow
That rolls down avalanche cloud
My voice is shaking but I say it out loud
And the words don’t make sense and you’re shouting at me
Something about nothing and our history
And the lines blur
You were always with her
In the years
And the tears
And you see
This, you and I, and Infinity


I spent my youth fearing old age
Now I’m finally flipping the page
And finding out that the aforementioned
Is really not in this dimension
Because I extend out
Far beyond the realms of doubt
To the furnace roar and the circumstance
Do you know the electrons dance
In perpetual motion
And nothing can replace devotion
In the furthering of things
And a million rings
Cannot make me replace
The love that I came here to taste
And just drink in
It wasn’t just with him
But everyone
Everyone the immaculate Son
Of Destiny
Do you think he thinks of me
With his hand on the trigger
A rifle to fire
But love’s not down low
But somewhere higher
To take in the vista
And one can only say “I missed ya”
If you believe the lie
People we love cannot die
But fly
On immutable wings
And everything in creation sings
Of its unborn nature
My love, I could never hate ya

As Cyclical As The Sun
I go down and come back up
As cyclical as the sun to rise
I’m never lost in rainy weather
But it’s under blue skies
Coz summer comes and summer goes
The seasons change but, God knows,
It’s something that remains the same
It does not go by any name
Nor is it bought by any man
A bough holds its weight because it can
And I see you
In the waves of us two
To delineate
Something beyond the hate
That has us swinging vines
Like ten thousand times
A Tarzan in the air
But, my love, you care
I can see it in the avenues
The aching arches of the blues
You sing to me late at night
And I walk on a rope that’s tight
Across a cavern steep
Do you know how to go to sleep
When the light goes out
Oh, forget it, just kiss my mouth
And we can be as lovers are
In union, poles of a star
Celestial in its defeat
What happenstance made us meet
Or preordination
The destination
Of education
At the summit of the pillar
Just so you know you didn’t kill her
Just made a dent in the facade
Grew up through realms of feeling bad
Wry consternation
You’re on the box so I flip the station
Onto some other tune
Nevertheless you’re in the room
Calling soul
What’s a ball to do but roll
Down an ungainly hill
You call but I never will
Attempt to explain all you engender
When you say you don’t remember
What we were
And that it’s the same with her
Is this bitterness
Or envy in its undress
To lay a claim
On someone else’s surname
What’s a girl to do
I let it go and so do you
Til we’ve nothing left to leave
What you are I can’t believe

The Waiting Air

In a place where the cold seems waiting
Left in love, don’t give way to hating
As the scenery revolve
And everything is a problem to solve
As you, ashen faced, stare at me
And I avoid your gaze coz I know we’ll be
Always an eternity
Forever lapping like the sea
Against the shore
Could you wish for more
You open up like a closed door


In Her Captivity

She’s been keeping me
In her captivity
But I, my love,
Am born to be free
She’s been keeping me
In her secret den
But I break out
Over and over again
And it’s not for want
Of love nor money
It’s just that I
Can’t be that, honey
Not as hard as I try
To contain
I’m a cloud that must
Come down as rain
And I love you
In my deepest core
It’s just I can’t
Hold back anymore
This awning gap
Within my soul
I must let go
And be whole
Though it doesn’t change
My feelings deep
It’s just a promise
God must to keep
To restore me
To what I was before
There’s a lot
In and out of store
There’s a lot to be
And to know
I long to see
So I must go
Off to that
Far distant shore
But I’m right here
And I’ll always adore
Exactly what
You are to me
Has been set free


The Myth of Myself

The myth of myself
I rivet the dawn
And make preparations
For when it is all gone
Coz it won’t last forever
This person that I’ve made
You only know the sun
When you’re standing in the shade
You only know the midnight
Because come the dawn
You wake up to the instant
That you truly belong

The Soundtrack To Me

It’s a beautiful Saturday evening
Crisp and clean
Like you’d be playing football
On our field of dreams
And I couldn’t reconcile
The golden green mile
I had to walk
Through valleys of talk
And ideals ripped asunder
Days when my number
Was up
But love
Pushed me through the needle eye
Coz it’s not my time to die
At least not just yet
But I don’t forget
Our moment out of time
And the instant you were mine
I held a holy hand
And it was like sand
Slipping through my fingers
Where are the bringers
Of the doom I seem to sense
And the forest is dense
But I’m all good
Pine cone bed in the middle of the wood


The life I swore I wouldn’t live in
I just crawled back towards the sin
And made a stick house out of lollipop sticks
Chew gum and hope that something sticks
Coz I’m out in the open when I’m with you
I shed my clothes coz you asked me to
And in my defense I have none
I gave it up for God’s Son
And I’m humming mobile as I walk
Wonder if I’m just all talk
Or does the substance of me
Have something to give you for free
But you’re all tied up with her
Denying everything we ever were
And I’m the last one in the club
(But I say no to the drug)
You just offer up
But I can’t call this love
Not when you bargain a chip
Then say I’m the one with it
The last one at the table
Look at me if you’re able
Coz you drop your eyes
Like there is no disguise
That could ever keep us apart
And I must admit I am all heart
When it’s beating for you
Don’t walk away just coz I asked you to
I’m just scared that’s all
(And you are really tall)
Could you maybe hold my hand
For a moment’s change before the sand
Runs out of the hourglass
Did I ever tell you you are class!


I’ve never spoken of my feelings for you
And I don’t know why
And I’m always scared
You’re gonna die
Coz I hold you so dear
But you’re never near
And I don’t think you understand
I never had any of this planned
And I know you’ve got a life
And its unreasonable to think a wife
Is what I could be
It’s borderline delusional a history
But I’ve gotta speak this longing in my heart
The reverberations start
When you’re near the scene
And the fabric of my dream
Starts to shimmer
Did you use the dimmer
Switch coz the light in here
Is gone all moody and I fear
That I may be for you over again
I’m fascinated by other men
But you hold this draw
Like you’re the rule and the cosmic law
Pulls me to your door
Don’t you love me anymore?

Fire Brimming Full

The fire’s brimming full
And I can’t bear the cotton wool
They wrap me in
Can I begin
To become a star
Like the way I feel afar
When the rain is thundering down
And I’m just driving around the town
I used to call home
And am I all alone
Or does she care
And do I dare
To spill the words
Like liquid ink
Is it okay to think
Whatever I like
But, Lord, don’t give her a mic

Everything Had Changed

I lean against her side
And I’m so glad we’re both alive
But I watch the clock ticking down
One day we will all be gone from this town
And the years that we pass
Are just breath moving, it doesn’t last
And I looked down a loaded gun
When I thought I was the only one
Standing in these pair of shoes
I get up every morning and pay my dues
With money I just don’t have
Why do I feel so bad
As I read about storms in the Russian tundra
As the threads all pull asunder
And the dress I made is shreds of grass
One more day is all I ask
Til there’s one that is no more
Did you know I knocked upon your door
To see would you answer it
With your debonair and characteristic wit
But I shiver on the step, inside it’s warm
What is the reason I was born
Coz I muse and I wonder and I ask why
And I just don’t believe I could ever die
As I look out the window, Dromod’s across the river
And there was that girl and I still don’t forgive her
For breaking into my house to steal
Til I decked it, are you for real?
And there was another who stood at my height
I reach out to her, she says; “you’re alright”

The Sway And I

He interjects and it’s circumspect 
Coz how could I attenuate
Any of this love with hate
And sure he’s a nice man
But he only listens when he thinks you can
Find a way to follow the line
He’s wasting my space like he’s wasting my time
And I’ve gotta grow up and be
The writer of a new destiny
Don’t have time for this pity lark
And as I’m walking through the park
I feel one with the grass
If this is psychosis I hope it last
Coz you’ve got a label
But you cannot see
Over the rim of your spectacle
As you look at me
And maybe a kundalini and the crown
Might be the reason why I drown
In a sea of ocean vast
The emptiness and fullness pass
Til I’m all or nothing but down for this
And I’m in love with someone I only kiss
Through the bars of Orion
I don’t know, it just feels like flying
Through somewhere where gravity
Obeys the rules of destiny
And let’s me lift off from where I am
I just walk without a plan
And It leads me where It’s going
I look outside and the Sun is snowing

Writing My Storm

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Writing my storm
Well, at least I'm warm
Coz the thunder rumbles 
And the lightning cracks ground 
And I can feel the heat surround 
As the cold front meets it match
An opposite in a roof of thatch
As it sets fire to what it knows
And it's, you know, anything goes
And I've destroyed everything I once had
I speak my mind and I feel bad 
But at least I'm living 
Is it time for more forgiving 
Of the grudge match I keep with her
Coz I'm mad at what we were 
As she'd take a little pick
And chip away at me, so to speak 
Carving out a Michelangelo
From all the places I will not go 
Til suddenly the dial it spins 
And she's cast from my withins
In a door slamming shut on time
I can't acquit you for this crime
Coz if I did you'd do it again
And I don't know if I can call you friend
As you take what you used to know
And sacrifice it on the go
On an altar you worship days 
And I'm confused in so many ways
Coz I thought we were cool but I resolve
Not to be a problem to solve
But the answer I've always craved
I guess it's Heaven and the unsaved 


In My Stars

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I look to you 
To find love in my stars
And I escaped 
From self made prison bars
That held me
Chrysalis fine 
And I know that they say
It's just gonna take time
But I can't find history
In the past
When forever's the moment 
We always last 

Not Alone

Lost in a mirage
Bleeding the tears
I grew up through the oceans
And all of my fears
As my skin gets larger
To expand over my bones
My eyes get sharper
Through staring at phones
And the midnight dawns
Just to tell me okay
You’ve got this, my love
It’s the break of day
And the forever will find you
No matter how you roam
You’re living the dream
But you’re not alone

Stuff I Say To You

Stuff I say to you
I was watching the bird and it flew
Out the window from inside
And this landscape can’t hide
The shape of you from me
I loved you so I set you free
But you come back to be
As constant as a northern sea
In the winter of ill repute
And you’re more devastating
Than you are cute
But I like my men like thunderclouds
The rolling sound just makes me proud
To be standing under a western sky
And I have no fear over what will die
Coz something’s not passing
Constant true
As I revealed myself to you
In a winter past, long ago
But it’s just the start
Of the story, you know
On this journey to forever
The path winds but this endeavor
Keeps sailing through the storm
I would like to keep you warm

A New Vista

What used to seem so sure
Is now disappearing over the hill
Can change change me
Or do I swear it never will
As I hold onto who I used to be
But there’s something new and I’m beginning to see
The ocean is not held in a span
And will I do what I can
To be a modern example of what is true
What’s possible for me and you
As we share a world unique
But I do not dare to speak
My voice though it reverberate
Around the hall as we equate
Together with just being there
I’ve learned from love and I do care
Though shapeless you see
Me in a way and integrity
Has me burning a fuse in my mind
To always be awesome and super kind
And fearless with courage to bear
The way the fabric tear
On this dream of us
I found true love and in it I trust

Light In This

I gotta know
If there’s light in this
And we are One
Though we’ve never kissed
Just waited on the venture
To pull something through
Like I’m a needle and thread
Weaving tapestry of you
And you’re beautiful, all angels wings
And when he talks, my heart, it sings
And there are tomorrows and there are yesterdays
But we’ve been together in so many ways
All of them taut as a string
Looking for love and what it could bring
But the seasons change and time moves on
By your side I always belong
And is it just an approximation
The screen on a tv station
To make something appear, then away
And I’m not lost for what people say
But know this for true
There’s a reason I’m beautiful around you

Things Like That

There were times I thought; 
Things like that only happen in America
But now an Irish flag is flying
On hills I don’t agree with
Declaring the ruination of all that used to be
And how it was empty and vapid
Relentless in its desire to control all of us
I look at the clock again
It’s half past six
But time is moving and never sticks
To the floor like the day I heard
And you could shoot every single bird
I wouldn’t notice
Coz you’re gone
The only place that I belong
Standing by your side
Now I hear your name and I run and hide
Because it brings up convulsions I cannot repair
One minute you’re standing there
The next air
That I breathe in
And even thoughts of him
Can’t take away the ashes of my loneliness
Written in biro like an address
As I scribble my name
I love you so I won’t be the same
But are the hackles drawn on my wilderness
That I would ever confess
A taut string like grief
And my belief
Is to hide it from everyone
Shine like I’m the fucking sun
Collapsing in on itself
A black hole to eat the life that is its wealth
And welcome any stragglers into its dusky fold
I’m getting old
You can measure it by how you perceive the years
They move so fast there’s no time for tears
Coz the ebbing will flow
And what came down must let go
Of its hold on this misty night
Is it okay if I am alright?

Break Up Songs

Living the life of a break up song
And I’m like her, I can do no wrong
Til I finally admit
The problem is me
And I thought I was Moses
Parting the sea
But I’m just a girl
Who’s thirty two
Learning to love
And rely on You
The God of forewarned understanding
And I know my wishes can be demanding
But I plead that He lets them be
Bring change through the vehicle of me
Let my hands be a messenger of love
The descent of redemption from above
As I acquiesce to His will
I won’t know the answer until
I live it and move my bones
Give the many bread and homes


I see myself standing on a stage
Standing up for that which does not age
And we all cascade like a waterfall
Into the ocean to enthrall
And I don’t know who I’m gonna be
I just know the open sea
Is pulsing within my veins
It doesn’t go by the normal names
Just something infinite
You know you’ll be alright

Dreamboat Disguised

Deep in disguise 
I wade through the water
You somebody’s son
I’m the moon’s daughter
And I slip sideways
Out of the scene
You were the best part
Of my dream
And I watched you watch me
You took my pic
You grabbed the towel
And the gear stick
Shook in my hand
Said goodbye to Sam
You said he’ll be grand
And I drove you home
It was just the two of us
All alone
And you stopped to stare
I stopped the car
And met you there
And I wonder if I’ll ever see
You looking again like that at me
As I shared on a screen
Some kind of light show
I’d tell you the truth
If you want me to, you know
All the love in my heart
And you were a rouge kind of dark
As you let the wilderness consume
I watch you from across the room

The I Am

I see the I Am in every pair of eyes
Once you look there’s no disguise
And I venerate the Holy One
The ocean of which cannot be undone
And the chains fall like shackles on the floor
As I make way for what I adore
The riverbeds flow toward the sea
So it is with the Guru and me
The spaciousness nothing can contain
The sky beyond the rain
The storm clouds far beneath
The person that I used to be

Overestimating My Appeal

I could be overestimating my appeal
Like the man is gorgeous, he’s a steal
It’s just I’ve got this gut intuition
That I could be gunpowder to his ammunition
And is it all attraction or is it something more
I could see myself calling to his door
And answering him when I pick up the phone
Not have to spend every minute alone
But he clasps my words like it’s my hands
He’s spaciousness and he understands
Though he may have made a blunder or two
He’s got my number and I’m replying to you

Fighting My Femininity

I fight with my femininity
It evokes love
But I can’t tie myself
To any of the above
Only open my heart
For peace to be shared
Open my notebook
To say that I cared
And that I’m not
In this quiet, tight space
But dreaming of days
When I touch your face
Telling you all
You mean to me
Not closing the door
So you can be free
And I know that I have put out
More than I take back
And I have been hobbling
Over what I lack
But the sight of you
Is like a comet true
And I’m shaking just thinking
Of what I would do
If you were mine
To have and to keep
To wake up beside
A good nights sleep
And you’re kind and you’re awesome
I’ve been keeping you away
I look down at my feet
Coz I don’t know what to say
And you tell me I’m lovely
And beautiful
He left me empty
Now I am full
Of a joy that’s brimming
Full of trust
Can I come in, baby
It’s a must
And you look at me
As if I defy
The life I’m leading
As some kind of lie
But I just wanna be
Myself again
A woman in
A world full of men
Telling me how
I should contain
This heart of mine
That’s broken with pain
But shining with gold
As I repair
The parts of myself
That knows you are there
That knows there is kindness
And there is truth
More than monuments
I’ve built to our youth
And nobody knows
Or can describe
The feeling of loving
Breath when you’re alive
And I’m haunted by loss
And the threat of death
Keep living days
Full of regret
Coz I can’t control
The passing of seasons
Or people with pride
And a bowl full of reasons
And is it insincere
To proclaim my devotion
To the silence
In all the commotion
As I feel the movement
Of a pin drop
Signaling winter
Or the moment to stop
And take in an aside
Of all we’re meant to be
I didn’t know if you knew
So I’m letting you see

Gleaming Diamond

Do I really want you to come a little closer
You’re just like a ghost
With the flavors of nothing
And what I love the most
I see you shy away and I avoid
Being one of the girls
You’re not one of the boys
But you dance
Like Heaven has given you another chance
To be all you are
The wonderful bridge
Constellatory star
That just shines
Like gleaming diamonds in gold mines
I pick one up
But it just reflects the look of you, love
And we’re one again
Outside the realm of women and men
Just to be what is
He holds my hand and I am his
To recalculate
All that has me in a lowly state
Where do I walk
And is all my effulgence just mere talk
Do I live up to
The brigand that I saw in you
As you caught my hand
I catch my breath as you reprimand
Me for my trauma of being too much
I back away but I also clutch
You to me
Can you love the whole sea
When it’s not yours or mine
I felt crushed watching About Time
And I could feel a lion roar
Deep within me
Death the moment life begins me
As I sit up off the floor
What was that and what’s more
Who am I
How am I not to die
When this body walks I seem to move
But it’s just patterning on the groove
Of the effervescent
I hate to be described as pleasant
Coz it’s so lukewarm
And I am nothing if not a storm
Brewing over the hill
Do you know the moment if you’re not still?

Two Dogs Snarling

We became like two dogs snarling
In the days I called you darling
And you spit your words out at me
I let you go free
Like we’re aching from our history
You and the mystery
As ages pass us by
And we love but we don’t know why
And we fight and we try
But we can’t forgive the lie
And you smile but it’s faint and half hearted
And I just remember when we started
And how it is so different now
I still see you through the wind somehow

Life In Eden

What if we’re living in Paradise
The green fields of our life
And he is tormented by the loss of Eden
And I was ardent in my believing
Til I met the moment in a night
And something did ignite
Burned like a fuse towards dynamite
Spinning ever closer to its own execution
I could tell the truth but it’d be a dilution
Of what I mean to say
I’d rather just point the way
And have you follow where I go
But my steps shake as I move slow
Across the ground of the room
There is so much more than doom
In the space that we share
There is true love and care
I feel I must speak up to say
It’s more than a myth and okay
I get that you have your own perspective
But my view is true and objective
Like a glass with no lens
You only see through it when you don’t defend
Yourself from what you mean to be
You just open up for free
And find it echo in your bones
Away from the beat of earphones
And all the noise that fills the day
It’s not a game or a power play
But something that must be known
I pull the curtains back and it’s shown


Idealism has me loving him
Through the wings of a new song
And I’ve only felt
Sparsely that I belong
In and out between the fear
Catching hold of what I hold dear
In the hopes that it won’t leave
And it’s little that I don’t believe
Coz it all pulses in my throat
And are we post rote
Learning now
I sit upon the bough
Of a leaning tree
To watch the sunset fade in front of me
And think it’s much like a life
That doesn’t get to happen twice
Unless you’re into that sort of thing
A reincarnation into the skin that swim
In the great ocean
And I’ve always been emotion
Trying to calm down
But I walk on solid ground
As my heart beats in my chest
Trust in God and leave the rest


I just wanted to know if you left me a message
It’s nothing insincere
But I’ve been tripping the wire
Of in love with you, dear
And I know it’s a fallacy
And I know there’s nothing wrong
It’s just you gave me that rush
Like you thought I was strong
And I’m smiling to myself
As I’m sitting on the couch
Threw normal out the window
Of sanity to vouch
For me in the days
When the water is less clear
I had a dream of you
When your words made you seem near
But anyway and anyhow
I’ve got to let it go
I just wanted to uncover
These reams and reams of snow
So you’d know that in the winter
The sun burns just as true
You said that you liked me
Well, hey man, back at you!


I know it’s unfair to exclaim
That you save me from all the pain
That I brought to bear on myself
Now I’m searching for the answer in someone else
And you never had anything to do
With what I faced without you
Coz I made that choice all on my own
And I’ve never felt alone
Coz I’ve always had support
And a steady kind of rapport
With everyone I seem to meet
I’m fire so the heat
Is to be expected
Don’t take my manners for being disrespected
I’m only playing a xylophone on you
And I want you to sing along to
The refrain we effortlessly make
I do it for the both of our sake

The Non Spectacular Nature Of Now

The non spectacular nature of Now 
Is something that makes me weak somehow
As I stare at the trees
They remind me to get up off my knees
And stand in the shine that is the sun
Like God is calling and I am the one
Who must walk the path of being still
And many things change, this never will
As the ochre of sunsets burn in your eyes
And there is a love that never dies
I found it on the green of the room
Across from the front hall and I attune
To the sound of Heaven’s bells
As they call out to me amid ne’er do wells
And I’m walking down paces on the avenues
I’m all red as they play the blues
In summertime or winter cold
I’m frozen at the age of not getting old

Walk As You

Everyone is in various states of disarray 
They check at the till to see what they’ve to pay
And they click on their phone so they’ll be liked
I’ll always be worried that I’ll ignite
Coz I’m so clearly made of flame
One day they’ll all know my name
And not for the wrong reasons
The time is changing, passing seasons
The leaves fall off the trees
You discard what they believe
Coz it doesn’t fit the shoe
You’ve come to walk as you

Down Into The Midnight

I feel myself sinking down into the midnight 
The absence of perfume, the absence of light
The dawn of knowing what you cannot say
The reluctant acceptance of what cannot stay
And I know in the storm there is a break of day
And when you trust in God it’ll all be okay
But sometimes the ocean is just too deep
And I try to catch a few moments of sleep
Before I awaken with a start
Like everything good it comes from the heart

That Particles Are Things

You’re burning up the atmosphere
Like the ozone layer is clear
And fuck that bullshit, I spin the dial
And listen to you sincere
Coz the guy beside me loves me
And I love him too
But the worst of the weather
Means it is not you
And closing my eyes is all I can do
So that I won’t know
The places where I should not go
Though they call to me
An elephant graveyard or Eternity
Could you please give me a clue
You laugh and say the answer too!

Paper Trails

Leaving a paper trail of tears behind me
I’m overwrought so never mind me
As I build a new monument to all that’s fallen
I’m in the Deep South and they are drawling
As they curb all anticipation
Can I watch your tv station
Just for a little while
I made you see, you made me smile
And all I can think of is torment
The indigenous people and where they went
Forced across rock and stone
Broken in their skin and bone
But with their Spirit true
I can still have faith in You
As all comes crashing like a wave
Is it sin to abdicate to save
And hold a hand
Is the shore more than sand
And if a rock is hewn to bits
Do you have space to sit with it
Or does its impermanent tone
Remind you what it’s like to be alone
Moving weight like old stone
I’d hold back but I’ve already shown
All of my stars to you
I’ll love you if you want me to

Sister Soul

Ijust wanna protect her
And I’m so mad that he’d reject her
And ruin her starlit shine
It’s kind of like the light that used to be mine
And now she sings of a defeat, years ago
I close my eyes because I should not know
But I do
I still feel you
In the cobwebs of my mind
Kind of like a secret I’ve left behind
And we tangled up our avenues
I sing of heaven without you
And innocence lost
She paid the price but at what cost

A New Realm

There’s an angel on the cross
He’s been resurrected and all is not lost
As he comes for me
To lift me with his wings so free
Up and out of this situation
Away from town and my education
Into a new sphere, a new realm
One where God is at the helm
Of the ship we all steer
What’s left to say when the Holy Ghost is near

Brotherhood Romance

Nothing fits it’s shape any more
When you’re knocking on a closed door
Only to see it opens from the inside
All this time you’ve been alive
And never really known it
Like your true colours, never really shown it
Til the dye is running through
I got messed up in a dream of you
One without an adequate ending
And I quit the scene instead of unfriending
You where you stood out there
Didn’t want you to think I didn’t care
But I’ve got to run
Coz I love the sun
And how it turns my skin brown
I never lived for the town
But for the acres, fields of grass
Lying in the Everlast
Til the cows come home
I realise I’m not alone


That fast feeling of fading when you’re twenty two
And everything is growing up around you
The flowers to rise, then wither and die
The sheets of sleet that just make you cry
As you’re facing outward into the rain
Must we go through this all over again
As the avenues merge into one route
And you take a shot at the kissing booth
But it’s all just so fleeting in transition
Like you’ve woken up out of a worn condition
And into the sky that always serene
To anchor in what you’ve always been

Of Words And Trees

Afraid of my own words
It’s like a tree being afraid of the birds
Never mind, it’s true
I can’t hide any of this from you
As I take pencil to page
To rattle the walls of every cage
To let the dark out
The demons can’t hurt you if you shout
And call the sky into being
It is the waves that I am freeing
To know their ocean nature
Like the moon so in tune with every crater
I smile at the good of it all
Cause I found solid ground in the freefall

Losing The Love Of My Life

Losing the love of my life
I always wanted to be his wife
And I’m unscripted, I’m undue
And I’m running from anything but you
Coz you’ve got lashes, you’ve got hair
You’ve got Presence amid the being there
And I smile and I laugh
And you catch another raft
As it shoots out into the world
You’ve got a life, you’ve got a girl
And I would never want to interfere
It’s just I love you always, dear
In the moments come unbidden
Amid all that remains hidden
In butterflies and in cymbal clash
The rain comes to pour on me and lash
Out down from the heavens
I’m kicking stones hooked up to sevens
As a day each week that passes
Could be enough to outclass us
And I know you’ve got your sonnet ring
It’s just you don’t know everything
Not half as much as you profess to contain
Must I hear you again explain
All I am in neat little quotes
Must I be student to take notes
And hear once more what you say
It’s all in the going away
But what if I choose to remain
A dash of paint to upskill the rain
As it colours the window grey
But we live in Ireland so come what may
In brutal asides and centerfolds
The path we walk is made of gold
And must we unknow the way
To mean what the people say
In amounts that fall due
And I’m so taken with the fire of you
As you tip your hat to another trope
And I’m just driving by the coast
With the sound of sea in my ears
I brush away the errant tears
That make lanes from my eyes
To mirror that of rainy skies
In all that I profess is true
It’s pure in love and it’s with you