Conflicting Desires

There are eddies in the pool
And people used to laugh at school
When I’d make a faux pas
Remember that time we did “I’ll Tell Me Ma”
And the whole crowd were in sync
It worked better than you might think
And I liked the dude
There’s a kind of cool you exude
Just by standing there
And I’m caught in my hair
Twirling a single strand
On the spot whereupon I stand
And you didn’t have to ask
But I think I saw behind the mask
And now I’ve got no way to pretend
That my love will never end
As I grasp the clasp you let go
And I hope you’re happy with so and so
But I’ve got to let the whole thing drop
It’s not about the bad cop
It’s just about me living like a thief
Stealing moments of belief
That are strung together by truth
That I make from memories of my youth
And am I old at thirty two
This poem will age and so will you
With the doubt I have so blue
Don’t play the tune if you don’t want to

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