Something Clear

Among the flying knives that shatter the glass
I’ve found something that could last
And everywhere I look’s the same
I’m seventeen in everything but name
And she’s as awesome as she always was
And I love him just because
He’s different and nice
And didn’t expect me to look twice
But I’ve been looking in the mirror
For as many years as I fear
To add to in the relentless pursuit
Of time that is consuming our youth
And I noticed my skin looks dragged
Did I ever appreciate what I had
When it was there for real
Does he care what I feel
And would he care to know
The places that my daydreams go
When they are resting on solid ground
Does he know I love the sound
Of forever in his intonation
I fuck it up then I go on vacation
For a decade or so
But I love how we take it slow

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