In The Depths

I have no enemy to speak of 
When they say love is just a drug
They cannot refer to the same thing that I 
Would give another and be ready to die
To protect 
The whole thing seems wrecked
But there's a summer in the snow
And there are places we can't go 
When we sum up the surmise
That is a horizon in my eyes
Shining even in the dark 
And as I'm walking in the park
I know my saviour walks with me 
Protecting me from history
As a state of mind
Just love and be kind 
And let the world know who you are 
Does the sun approximate a star
Or is it just far too close
Is is the Spirit or the Ghost
That I feel in the rhythm of shoes
That mark my footsteps in twos
As they hold the pavement ground
Deftly so that a sound
Issues forth from where they meet
I look up and welcome sleet

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