Second State Fine

There’s a new thing brewing
But can it keep its head
Cause the parapet is raised
And so many people lie dead
But I climb up the rock
There’s a world of things that I am not
As the sun in the sky
Shines over the seas as they go by
And it’s hopping over there
On the Western front and I care
About how it all goes down
I left half my heart in that town
And now I go back
Before the attack
In shoes that I can walk
What does it take to see through the talk
Into what is true
Is there any way I can save you
From your fate
The demolition that lies in wait
I shake the dust off my shoulders
I’m like Icarus chasing boulders
That have no business in that myth
But the world is chomping at the bit
And this is just a dragon I dance with
In my hope for a new born truth
A time beyond the confines of youth
As we let the shackles drop
What does it take for one person to say stop
And breathe
What do the people need
Can we shift the scene
Out of this nightmarish dream
I know no one who can say
That everything is okay
When we just let it crumple
If there’s lightning then thunder will rumble

The Waiting Air

In a place where the cold seems waiting
Left in love, don’t give way to hating
As the scenery revolve
And everything is a problem to solve
As you, ashen faced, stare at me
And I avoid your gaze coz I know we’ll be
Always an eternity
Forever lapping like the sea
Against the shore
Could you wish for more
You open up like a closed door


The New Domain

A rising tide lifts all boats
But that only works if the damn thing floats
Else you have a tidal wave
And drown the people you’re trying to save
And are we crushing the flower we walk upon
Will we only know when it’s gone
When it’s too late to turn back
Fighting over what we lack
Or will there be a new tomorrow
Where we wake up from all the sorrow
Into a domain of peace
Where forgiveness is our just release
And what part do I play
Do I stand up for what I can’t say
As it ushers in a new command
Aren’t we too wise to fight over land?


What is a starship when it's at home
And must a tomcat always roam
Or be swan faithful by the sea
Like the Children of Lír that wait for me 
And was there some kind of ancient fable
That monumental on the table 
Made enough bread for us all to eat
But there's millions in the bank and death on the street
How can we let this continue 
As if loss is on the menu
And the rolling hills of vagabonds
Play the fool like two dumb blondes
And I know this is not the female's fault 
But we go along with the lie we've bought
As a child not of our womb
Starves to death in an empty room 
Full of faces who just placade
And there are millions in that state
As we deny, deny
We just simply shouldn't try
To bring this to fruition
Just spending more on ammunution
Seems to relieve a conscience broke
From all the words we have not spoke 
And I cannot speak for myself
Because I have my own story of wealth
And how I try to keep it from my door
But if I had it I could give more
And make a change on that plain
But what if I could not contain
The contempt and the corruption 
Like Vesuvius and eruption
Like lava and all it encases
The modern history and what it erases
Or geography to keep us asleep 
To the promise that together would keep 
And am I just out on the run
Or do I speak to some 
Who feel the same way I do 
The conundrum and me and you 

In The Depths

I have no enemy to speak of 
When they say love is just a drug
They cannot refer to the same thing that I 
Would give another and be ready to die
To protect 
The whole thing seems wrecked
But there's a summer in the snow
And there are places we can't go 
When we sum up the surmise
That is a horizon in my eyes
Shining even in the dark 
And as I'm walking in the park
I know my saviour walks with me 
Protecting me from history
As a state of mind
Just love and be kind 
And let the world know who you are 
Does the sun approximate a star
Or is it just far too close
Is is the Spirit or the Ghost
That I feel in the rhythm of shoes
That mark my footsteps in twos
As they hold the pavement ground
Deftly so that a sound
Issues forth from where they meet
I look up and welcome sleet

The Movement Forward

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Do I speak what I have to say
Does the shaking in my hand give away
The sword that I cannot steady
But the worst is happening already
On land I see on a screen
And this is not the people's dream 
To have machine gun hands facing them 
Is it gonna happen again
Or can we realise
That you can't undo what dies
Once it is gone
And we've been fighting for so long
Not just with each other but within oursleves
One earns a million, another's stacking shelves
And you can say that's capitalism
Or that there's a split in the great schism
As we find what we have in common rooms
Is there a way to waylay the doom
That seems to advance from all sides
But, hey man, we're still alive
And we can still tell the tale
Of something that's not up for sale 
In this thing that we've built
There's scaffolding over milk that's spilt
But as I clean up the glass
I think of something I'd never taught to ask 
Are we all as one
And if we are then could the sun
Shine in every human heart
As the most expansive part
Generating compassion to a degree
I know it's not just me 
That feels that something's in the mix
Fusing bonds that science splits 
To generate something new for us
I believe in Love and I trust
In the human heart once more
The truth that something adore

The Flow Of Superfluity

The flow of superfluity 
Allows me to write
But do I stand up 
For what I know is right 
Coz there's ancient eons
Creaking with the weight
There are girls crying out 
Like they're on a first date 
And the man has just 
Produced a pistol
I can't hide from 
All the vitriol 
That just pours through
So I try to compose 
A letter to you
So that you might know
That from where I'm standing
The world and its discontents 
Can be too demanding
But I don't fail 
At the final hurdle 
I just shift my stance
Like I'm playing wordle 
And there is no monument 
Or mountain to climb
That's out of reach 
Of the Sublime
So I'll just keep my breath
Like it's a tic tac toe
But I'll be true
Always, you know 

Remind Them Of Their Humanity

Remind them of their humanity
Don’t let it switch off
It’s not long living
But all is not lost
Coz there is a molten core
At the heart of everyone
Nuclear fusion
Brighter than the sun
And it burns irregardless
Of the darkness you put yourself through
Don’t deny
All that is you
And I know it
Coz I’ve been through the night
But in the midst of the storm
The eye is alright
And I trust in the value
Of what makes us real
Is it intuition
Or the way that I feel
That tells me there’s an end
To a fighting soul
The wave is the ocean
Even if it has to roll
And you’re still what you are
Even in the confusion
Wake up from dread
And the delusion
That we are separate
From each other
Walking the plains
As sister and brother
And opening a sky
That will soothe with rain
We don’t have to
Go through this again
And I’m a reporter
On the front line
I don’t think we can do this
Another time

As You Are

The burning furore that sits in my chest
The need to always be the best
And speak out what no one’s talking to
Is it wrong to put the spotlight on you
To shine away what’s been kept hidden
It’s beautiful, it is unbidden
And it’s longing just to find a home
You’re beautiful as you are, alone

Walking Flame

I’m a walking flame
I don’t go by any name
And anyone who’d dare surprise
Me by looking in my eyes
Washed away like the river flow
And there’s more that I do not know
Than I can wrap my head around
If they ask will you make a sound
Just to show that you are there
What is the meaning of true care
When it’s at home
All I know is I’m not alone
And solitude is all in one
Unforgiven and the Son
That died for all our sins
Shows me that Love always wins

The Regressive Movement

Are we on the brink
Of a regressive movement
Where the skies go black
And we lose it
All to a dream
Of forever
Can we keep rowing
A hopeful endeavor
Down the river to the sea
And I’m just checking
Does He mean me?
When He says girl
Go do my will
I gotta shape up until
Destiny takes me by the hand
Says, love, it’s gonna be grand
But all I can see are these castles made of sand
And people crying out for a superman
Are we really going back
To a dark age
I spill my heart in
Ink upon the page
Say show me a way
United not divide
Where everyone has their say
And we value what’s alive
And for all the forecasts
The doommongering prophecy
I am still absorbed
By this light inside of me
That never dims, it only grows
With the heat of love it glows
Into a warm embrace
And He’s in every face
Like He lifted up His arm
And the sea was calm
So do I need to be frightened
Over the enlightened
Am I just Peter holding on to You In case he sinks
Is that my relationship to You
It could be methinks
But how do I just trust
In the words that You say
That you are with me Now
Always and everyday

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The Calm Amid The Storm

There’s a blizzard brewing
There’s a storm atremble
And things are beyond
What they used to resemble
As the new earth is birthed
Into consciousness
Don’t go saying
It doesn’t exist
Just close your eyes
And feel the breeze
Forgiving you
Get up off your knees
And stand firm
Stand strong, stand true
As the winds are howling
All around you
Make your stance
On a solid foundation
It’s a peaceful sort of
As you trust the silence
To ever be
Whispering words
Of eternity
In the midnight, in the dawn
At the close of day
I just have this feeling
That it’s all okay
That we’re being taken care of
No matter what it seems
Don’t trust in the
Thin fabric of dreams
But on the rock
Where you plant your foot
Let the rain wash away
What you’re afraid of

Darkness Tremble

Trusting in the Christ
Was the best decision of my life
And I’m no girl to be a wife
Just one to bring the light
And I’ve always trusted in you
From the living room to the pew
Singing songs in tribute to
The glory and the faith I have in you
And darkness eventually came to call
I’m young and lying against a wall
Crying tears in a free for all
But you brought the love to stop the fall
And lift me up, now I’m on my feet
And I know there’s nothing I could meet
That would bring me defeat
Now that your mercy speak
For me amongst the chasm so bleak
How am I standing if I’m weak
And there’s nothing left to seek
Now that I’ve found that holy heat
That burns in the heart of me
A consciousness that’s been set free
As I proclaim eternity
In every blade of grass that I see
Called upon to be the voice
To speak silence in the noise
And draw all souls into you
Just tell me what to do

Kissing the Sky

Funny feeling that though he may not want me I am still okay
And that I can survive on the love of every day
From the plants, from the trees and nonetheless from him
For though he may deny it I know it beats within
In blood and in veins that are solid gold
But so are mine I see, though I have not been told
To look and revolutionise the vision of my palms
I am the lake, the ocean and these are my calms
No enforced stability, no discipline held high
Just the truth of a being that knows something that can’t die
And sees it in the rushing movement of the leaves
All the world is heaven to one who needs nothing to believe
And smile to myself, in a secret, silver fold
I never knew the universe was there for me to hold
In its peril and its fantasy, it’s motion and the tide
I am the evidence of the thing you’ve never tried
So sincerely honest in the feelings that maintain
That there lies beneath a sunlight that will overcome the pain