The Flow Of Superfluity

The flow of superfluity 
Allows me to write
But do I stand up 
For what I know is right 
Coz there's ancient eons
Creaking with the weight
There are girls crying out 
Like they're on a first date 
And the man has just 
Produced a pistol
I can't hide from 
All the vitriol 
That just pours through
So I try to compose 
A letter to you
So that you might know
That from where I'm standing
The world and its discontents 
Can be too demanding
But I don't fail 
At the final hurdle 
I just shift my stance
Like I'm playing wordle 
And there is no monument 
Or mountain to climb
That's out of reach 
Of the Sublime
So I'll just keep my breath
Like it's a tic tac toe
But I'll be true
Always, you know 

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