Opening Hearts

I unlock my phone
And Chocolate opens
Like a heart that’s in the hand you’re holding
And you’re too sweet to be believed
You’ve been hiding nothing up your sleeve
Only an endless free terrain
And I’ve spent years studying your pain
From afar
And Teresa named a star
After me
So somewhere out there my shine you’ll see
Under ever present heavens
We were both born on elevens
And so I tick my clock
Wondering what it is you’re not
In all that you claim to be
You were my favorite song to see

One thought on “Opening Hearts

  1. Wow, what a beautiful and touching poem you’ve written! I especially love the imagery of chocolate opening like a heart, and the idea of studying someone’s pain from afar. It really drew me in and made me feel something.

    I’m curious, what was your inspiration for this poem? Did it come from a personal experience or was it purely fictional? Looking forward to hearing from you!

    y. e


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