The Monuments To Loss
Death, looming like a great paragon on the horizon
I don’t know what to take a side on
But I know I can’t stay on the fence
Or civilization will be in the past tense
As we see the aching Colosseum stand for war
But it crumbles in the end because of what it’s for
And we hear the machine gun roll
But they can’t kill the soul
And it will come round to embrace
The very worst of the human race
Til we’re all tended like wheat in the field
The wind shakes the barley and it yield
To the power of peace and benevolence
As we watch the rhythm dance
Like a song across the grass
The only truth in my life is that Love last
And in the oceans that span a sea
There’s a depth to you and me
That no wonder can contain
Let’s wake without the pain
To prompt us to stir
Do you even know what we were
As we wear that t-shirt too
I was born in the moment I met You

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