They gave me some lemons
And they were sour
But I don’t need to wait
Until the eleventh hour
To make a change
All is mind and rearrange
The terraces of fear into love
And it fits me like a glove
Though I’ve been in the ring with Cassius Clay
He taught me to get up after, okay
Like I’m some kind of Jedi knight
Living for the light
As it breaks a new dawn
Over all I thought was gone
And they held me in a state
But I’m not gonna wait
To be all I am
Everything’s in the plan
Of God to be reborn
And even in the storm
I could find a man to say
Everything is okay
In eyes, on lock, in the bay
And I’m holding back the laughter
Because this is such a beautiful disaster
And for all intents and purposes I’m the chosen one
You don’t have to be a son
To be a holy child
Oh, the open air and running wild
Into fields that are free
There is so much more to me
Than any of them can see
And is St. Pat’s history
I left it with my dignity
Somewhere among the stars
Why did I keep chasing cars
Around dean swift
Thinking the guys just want a shift
As Emmet holds my gaze
If he was a hero I bet he’d save
Me with his honest and true
For a moment I relied on you
Let my weight rest on your shoulder
No more Lara and her boulder
To run from
It’s like the fear is gone
When you set the scene
I’ll remember you when the dream
Comes true
A smile, and I wink at you

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