Did you ever find a love too much to quantify
When you love someone so much you’d be willing to die
For them, to them, from them in the extreme
When you’re walking on clouds because it is a dream
And then it all turns to thunder and rain
You can feel the pressure, you can feel the strain
And the water’s rolling down like teardrops from the sky
As you sit there on your own and you wonder why
But loving doesn’t have to be just release
It can be something that never does cease
It can be something that doesn’t make you cry
When you find that truth inside then there is no lie
And you can shelve your doubts and just confess
You love them still, you love them no less
Than having gone on your separate ways
There’s a part of my heart that never strays
From you, with you, to my dying day
The irrefutable does not go away

The Lines of the Infinite

You walk the lines of the infinite as though it is child’s play
You talk to me in tones so sweet and then you look away
And how do I try to be anything but nice
Cause I have lost you more than once and I did so without a fight
So tell me once again, once more, about how you’re better off
And is it you or me or both who finds out that we’re lost
And though I ache with past regret and years that are gone by
I didn’t work up the nerve to talk to you or even try
Why are we in this quandary with our destinies dancing the line
Before I hung up the phone, before you said it was fine
Is there an immortal that is concealed that we can hang onto at least
As I to in the west am fire ablaze while you sundance in the east
And we are both stone strong examples of how love can do you wrong
How unconditionally is wrought in iron that is strong
And will not let you go at all, though lessons may be learned
I can feel the breath of wind moved when your head is turned


I can’t take it when the weather changes
And the landscape rearranges
And the daylight that you thought you knew
Has been replaced by nighttime blue
When you have come to love the warm days
And the good times of relaxing laze
A change comes expected and forecast
But still sudden and meant to last
You miss the old but get on and make do
Spend all my time wishing and hoping for you



I am yours and you are mine
And we are branded with the scars of each other’s troubled times
But whatever the distance that separates our souls
We are born of eternity and we will not grow old
Just entwine ever further into the depths of a reverie
If there’s one thing that I’m sure of it’s that you were made for me
As we fit together like pieces that were bound from the start
There may be two bodies but there is just one heart
So don’t try and justify what may be keeping us apart
The earth is a life form and to love you is an art
As it dawns on me slowly that there is just us two
We return to oneness and I to loving you
From the ventures that I craved so far from my core
And we are not romantic, no, we are something more
To bridge a divide like a chasm calling deep
You are the promise that I was born to keep
And you just cannot switch off when it is true love
The white light of salvation is celestially above

Photo Credit: http://www.digitalcameraworld.com/2013/05/03/moonlight-photography-tips-making-magical-midnight-landscapes/3/

By The Heart

You rushed along the water’s edge to greet me at the shore
And when I looked into your eyes I couldn’t wish for anything more
But there was a hidden darkness, that was swirling at the edges
And we turned to just the silt and sand that the river dredges
And I never could compassionate the love you gave to me
It’s just you opened up my heart and made my eyes to see
And now I cannot give back what has been revealed at will
All I know is a simple quiet that’s there when I am still
And I hope each day you find the same in what you make of life
If it was up to me then I would meet you twice
But as for now our destinies have us spiraling apart
But know if you’re ever filled with doubt, you have me by the heart

Talking to the Trees

I walked today and realised I was never talking to the trees
I was running with the wind and I heard you on the breeze
And it fascinates me every time how you run up to meet
The lines of intersection when we are feet to feet
And our toes touch each other, our shoes are on the grass
And in all of what is temporary we are built to last
Like the housings of the everglades as ancient as the oak
Or the rustling of the leaves in the words that Jesus spoke
We are forever on horizons in wonderful, unflinching blues
And I know I have been round the block but you’re the one I choose
As we tiptoe on yesterdays that are fading to the past
You’re the answer to the only question that I ever asked

All Along

The love is almost unbearable
As you kindly tend to my wounds
And ask me if I’ll be okay soon
I think of myself
Desperate and half stark raving mad
For a drop of your love
When I had it all along


The light goes out on your stair
And I wonder if you’re still there
Because it has been an eon and a half
Since ere I saw you smile
And I wonder
If you still wonder
About me
In the night
Or calm moments of the day
And think
And sway

The Long Way Back


You walked me all the way back to my car
And left me there
With a hand on my shoulder
You uttered your goodbye
Permanent and forever
But made of such materials
Not built to last
The timber rotted in the rain
And the fragile frame of you
Soon fell asunder
In tears to echo the watered sky
And I can hear you cry
Over here from abroad
As I silently live out my penance
For a crime I did not commit
And you, beautiful you
Wish it undone

Photo Credit: http://wallpaperwidehd.blogspot.ie/2014/04/girl-in-rain-wallpaper.html

The Dark and the Light

The darkness rolls in past the windows and doors
It doesn’t care about walls, it doesn’t care about floors
It just spills itself on out of my heart
And its been this way from the very start
As it pierces reveries that were born at my core
But it somehow always leaves me wanting more
Like the light in my soul that will never go out
As it told me deeply what I’m all about
And I never will know or comprehend
That heaven sent gift that will never end
As promises made to be broken and bruised
Just show up as dreams that were never used
And have me down in gratitude and down in prayer
For a power and God I never knew was there

Anyone Like You


You were the secret starlight
Of a silvered age
And I couldn’t help but notice
What I wrote down on a page
And in all my dark and lonely
In all my bright and due
I’ve never seen or met
Anyone like you

The Window


There’s a warm hot breeze blowing in from the window
And I feel so old and so grown
As if I even know
What either of those things are
And the wind carries on it
The weight of age and time
From another era

Photo credit: http://numyumy.deviantart.com/art/Rain-598420137

Water Among Stones

Now the dawn of another day
Comes to me amid the rush
Of water among stones
Of everyday life
And once more I am amazed
By the beauty of it all
The soft whisper of daylight
As it slowly quiets the sky
And evermore I will know
That love is as the ray of the sun
Constant and undiluted

The Evening’s Breath

Now the evening’s breath
Lies low upon the land
And rising up from every avenue
Comes the dust of another time
As it aches and pours
With a long lost forever
Never to be

Travelling by Dragon

You travelled by dragon to the wedding
Just so they would see you
So you could make an entrance
And you were not disappointed
All eyes flashed to you
In your wonderousness
And I could barely breathe
For having seen you so decided
How could I ever doubt
In your heroic beauty
But the festival had not yet begun
And they were all waiting to dance
So you got down from atop
And watched as the animal
The mysterious animal
Drew bystanders from every direction

The Magic


You hear that sound tapping in your head once again
You feel the fire burning, you rustle out a pen
Everything else fades away, you have to get this done
Your artwork down on canvas, your paintbrush weighs a ton
The hammer bangs down, a nail slots into place
You see it coming together, you’re staring into space
The key turns in the engine, the beast begins to roar
But then it chucks and stops, it needs a little more
The rhythm pulls you in, now you can feel the flow
It travels through your fingertips, its sound is soft like snow
You feel the power in your feet, you run with all your might
Eyes fixated, your target is now in sight

Photo Credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Ancient-Lullaby-598401499

Other Than You

The truth is just too much to bear
Cause the truth is that I really do care
And words I have uttered somewhere in the past
Were said in the stillness so that they last
But all of the fear and the consternation
Has me losing a kind of elation
And all of the tries done out in hope
Doesn’t help me one bit when I try to cope
And I can’t write happiness I can only write pain
It’s like asking the clouds to write other than rain
It’s like asking the sky to write other than blue
And it’s like asking love to write other than you

Ancient Eyes

Just tell me please, I can hear the words
On the tip of your tongue like nested birds
I can hear it in the air I breathe
Some silent communication between you and me
I can feel you look me dead in the face
Until one or the other falls out of the race
Do you know you excite me and spiral around?
Like a Concorde breaking the speed of sound
Is it crash and burn? Is it up and fly?
Either way, its do or die

I hear your footsteps on the path
Echoing fear, the sound of wrath
The doom pours in as I imagine scenes
Where I break your heart or sink your dreams
This crashing sound, the resounding waves
Break across sheer cliffs and caves
The rush of water, so fast and brash
Feels like I’m drowning all in a flash
I hold it out, I hold my ground
Til silence overtakes the sound

You are a star that shines in my sky
You illuminate the darkest night
My brightened gaze upon your face
Leaves me beholden, in a daze
I bow my head, sink to the ground
I will not move, let the sound
Let swords and daggers cut my neck
Break my town, leave all a wreck
Encircled in a little point
Hurricane eye has me coined

I will not leave from your side
If I’m destroyed then that’s my life
I will not move from you to hell
Lie to myself, afraid to tell
Here I am, I’m in your way
Change your hair, leave or stay
A home for you, a bed of calm
When gusts are shaking fragile palms
I’m eye to eye, I’m face to face
The only thing that won’t lay waste

An armchair for you to sit yourself down
A room warmed up, a crackling sound
As timbers splinter in embered flames
No push and pull, no playing games
A cup of tea to warm your hands
And lungs and bones like flowing sands
A hug, I’ve arms to wrap you in
Shoulder on which to lay your chin
A place of peace to rest your soul
Like forest quiet, ancient, untold


Where did you go to leave me so alone
I don’t even have a place to call home
You left a note on my desk to tell me you’d gone
You didn’t stick around to say so long
And am I just pining for what never was
And what’s gone is gone and its gone because
There was never enough room in my heart to say
I don’t want you to go, I want you to stay

A Mystery

The man is a mystery 
You can sew him together from ropes of twine
But you'll never replicate
That tapestry fine
And I thought he was for me
So I tried to recreate 
The moment that we met
That all too perfect state 
But it was a poor comparison 
To what lay before me here 
And I could never live to stifle 
Your voice, now could I dear 
So I let you speak out 
Though your words are crushing my dreams
I let you tell me your truth 
Though I am holding back mid scream 
Cause I never was to you 
The world you are to me 
And if that's the price for knowing you 
Then that's just the way it will be

Photo credit http://pollypwnz.deviantart.com/art/Goku-336092033

A Moment

It was just a moment
Nothing to write home about
But it held forever 
In a thumbprint
As you pressed your hand against mine
And held it there for an eon
Til it seemed 
We both were bound
In that moment


Time passes
And runs like a river through us 
Taking things with it
Along its path down the Amazon
But there are some things it cannot take
There is an ocean of wealth it can never move
No matter how hard it tries
There is forever
Beneath the facade of the time bound

The Water

And then the water raged in
In through the door
Consuming all in its path
It made short work of furniture and chairs
Swam around tables and stairs
And she just stood there
Aghast in the silence
Praying for an end to the storm
But no words came
Only a soft entreaty
For a better day
A day to renew
To make it all better
And the clouds split
And the sun shone the sky down
Down onto the ground
Reflecting itself back up
In the oceans beneath it

It All Is Undone

Then the latch catches
And it all is undone 
Her hair falls from the clasp 
And her song is sung 
The wind blows its way 
In through the door 
Tearing apart 
When she wanted more


I have faith in you and it won't wear down 
I'll still be here when you come back to town 
With your perfect hair and your beautiful eyes 
Each time you talk it comes out so wise 
You paint majestic the castles around 
Then get self conscious and look at the ground
You doubt yourself and faint in my gaze 
Then look back up when you see me unfazed
You peel the bubbles, their skin comes apart 
You hold them up to show you've no heart 
Your heartbeat sounds so loud in your chest 
I hear it beat out even though we're at rest 
You dangle the world on a spider web string 
Pulling the lines and making them sing 
Til all is undone you don't stop your song 
You carve out a home to help people belong 
Eyes flick to you, diamonds dance in your hair 
People tear you apart but you say "I don't care"
There's a bed of peace that sits in us both 
A sink soft armchair or a woolly warm coat
I've nothing to give but a place on my couch
You can lie there and sleep when life wears you out 
Then get up and go or make you some tea 
Whatever you do you're welcome with me 
You remind me of a hoody, cosy and warm 
The arms of heavy clouds that brew up a storm


When you talk and smile I know you're free
And couldn't be captured by someone like me 
I'm at a loss because there's nothing to do 
No way to be me to make you more true
Like stars in the sky I'm speechless and small 
No footing to fall back on at all 
Caging you would break my own palms
As you move like the dust and rise up in psalms 
My greed and disgrace hover mid air 
Helpless to hold as they move in my stare 
Lock on target, bullseye on the wheel 
What a way to live, beg bread and steal
Again I am moved by the weight of your face 
And I fall back and out from the rabbit I chase
How to be seen in eyes that can look?
I feel to bow down, my knee in the soot
Unworthiness feels like a vapourous dance
But your eyes are so honest and I am entranced 
I move like the wind some days of my life 
And I feel in this home we both are alright
I can no more hurt you than a raindrop the sea
There a power deep within that rises in me


I know as sure as the light of day 
That I am for you on my way 
As sure as the stars shine from the sky 
I was made to meet your eye
The way the sea is for the shore 
I'm for you and so much more 
As the land comes bursting forth 
With craggy hillsides greening dirt 
Bequeaths an ancient promise told 
Your heart was made for me to hold
Your soul was made for me to shine 
Where ruby gemstones intertwine 
And lay you down once more again
Rest where you can call me friend 
Whereupon the daydream first began 
As fingers itched to hold your hand 
And I bowed low to see you there
Wind whispered secrets through your hair 
And left me open undecided
Uncertainty has not abided 
Life calls me to be beautified
So from you I no longer hide 
But sentinel to stand on guard 
Watch over you when times get hard 
The earth has claimed me for its own 
Be still for you, unmoving stone 
Though rushing waters crowd the deep 
This love between us does not sweep

Tree Cutter

How a giant like me
Could be felled like a tree
By an axe so calm 
In a tree cutter's palm

Walking the road are bramble and bees 
Enough haze in the air to make a man sneeze
There's nothing to do and nothing to see
Except all of this wondrous unfolding around me 

I talk to the earth, its skin moves my bones 
And all of these pebbles are perfectly stones 
The sky blows the wind and fluffy and white 
Are all of the clouds that rained down last night 

I look at my shoes 
And how could I lose 
To be traveled and lean 
At a showstopping stream 

The greens are all vivid and paint me unique
The sky rebel blue like my unperturbed streak 
The path dusty yellow melds into the fold 
And a sea far away is sprinkled with gold 

How can it play out and be landscaped alive 
Hakuna Matata feeling my spirit thrive
As I forsake all to live in this place 
A waterfall fall with a smile on my face 

A giant like me 
Has been felled like a tree 
By an axe so calm 
In the tree cutter's palm


Could these words of mine console a broken heart 
Could they console a dying soul whose been broken from the start 
If just to say you're not alone, that I have been there too 
That is what I hope to God that these words will do 
But even more than understanding is to show a way out 
And in these days, newfangled ways, the light is what its all about 
And there is a place, a beach if you must know 
Where danger doesn't trespass, where terror doesn't go 
And it is there inside, deep within all of us 
If you just let love be and have a little trust 
The darkness isn't darkness, it is just the unknown 
And failing isn't failing, its just seeds that haven't grown
And you are far more precious than you could ever understand 
I know it in the moment I touch you with my hand
That we are all of us human, that evil isn't real 
And when badness comes to call its only what you feel 
So look a little closer and you'll see that you are strong 
You were put here for a reason, not to suffer on 
And even though there's pain, that is not the end 
The universe is kind, and it is your friend 
And no one's left behind, everyone's picked up 
In the simple love that is sent from above 
It is God's own doing, you don't get left behind 
And all that's troubling you is the torture of your mind 
But you are much more vast, much deeper don't you know 
You're the one who is aware of all the places you can go 
You are the space in which this whole world can play
And its not by your doing that things turn out this way
So know that you are perfect and I am perfect too 
And there is only One of us instead of two 
I don't know how to be free all I know is I'm unbound
I just get lost in knotted twine giving me the runaround
And if my words are harsh, then they're meant for your core 
Cause all that I can say in truth is I couldn't love you more


See, loving you is like holding my breath 
Cause you're the one thing I cannot forget 
And dare I may say it I'll never regret 
One moment of time I placed on the bet
Even if it'll never come true 
Even if all I have is a memory of you 
Even if it'll never come to pass
The moment of us is everlast


It feels like a rebellion just to be true
I can't accept the things I can't do 
I can't accept the lines as they trace my frame 
I am not simply the words of my name 

It feels like a rock which is stopping the tide 
As the water pushes forward but it can't hide 
The strength of the stone embedded in the deep 
Thousands of years its place at the keep 

I feel like the flow is all at my back 
And is trying to push me forward 
Will I let go and finally fall 
Or am I too much of a coward 
Does it really take much to be human at all 
Or am I just losing this fight 
I don't think its this hard to fill out a card
To say it all is alright 

Now the water is deep and the water is wild 
And its been a while since I've been a child 
Can I really tell the colour from grey 
Or is it all blended blurred in such a way
I want to be weak and I want to be strong 
I want to feel like there's nothing wrong 
But something stirs deep inside to wake
And it isn't for my own sake 

So you say life's a dream and it always has been 
Should I just take your word 
I'd have to agree as to all it could be 
But that's the most truthful that I've ever heard
Now I love someone but its not to be done 
And I think my heart just might break 
And still deep inside something stirs in my eyes 
Calling me to wake

The Calling

I have to face the music 
I have to face the Truth 
I have to face the calling 
That's been calling since my youth 
I have to face the crime 
As it has been done 
And realise in darkness
That everything is One 
That all but is the essence 
That is everywhere
And it not mandatory
That people should care 
It is its own reward 
It is its own price
And it is the Spirit calling
It doesn't have to be nice

The Cave

I could stay in a cave my entire life 
Staring at the ceiling 
Illuminated by the light coming through the gap 
And still I would be no closer 
To the Truth 
Because the Truth is not something you can come close to
It is who you are 
It is ever there 
And now the time has come for me to go out into the world 
Its been calling me for years 
And I have been too scared to answer 
But it must be shared 
A gift is not meant to be kept under a rock 
Jealously, lest anyone steal it 
This kind of gift only expands 
When you share it with others 
Or rather it does not diminish 
But encapsulates all that it touches 
It is like the Midas touch 
All turns to gold

What You’re Looking For

I am what you're looking for 
I was waiting to be found 
When you saw me on that path 
Grace was all around 
And you moved like the earth 
All subtle and storm
Like the weight of the world 
Coming through in the form 
And yes you were right to believe 
That love is who I am 
And everything I'm meant to be
Is the place where I stand 
So if you were looking for a sign
Consider this the one 
The race has been ran 
And the song has been sung

Where You Are

Why do you have to climb any ladder
Why can't you just be where you are 
The distance to your own sweet Self 
Could not be that far 
It is closer than close 
Close as a concept creates 
And your Truth is not to be found 
In any of the fluctuating states
So don't take a step either backward or forward
Just find the strength to stand still 
And all will be revealed like a secret unsealed 
Done at the hand of God's will 

Looking Upwards

My eyes are still trained on the sky 
Looking for word of you 
That is your manner of travel 
So there's nothing else to do 
You race along over fields and plains 
And I wait here on the ground 
Then you come to me in a moment 
In the absence of sound 
And I hardly know you 
But I've never seen 
A brilliancy beauty 
Like you in a dream 
And all of the untoward comes to knock at my door
And the hardship of loss and of grief 
But still in all this quiet noise 
You are beyond belief

A Moment of Clarity

You came to me like a white salve oil 
Like a heal all to cure every ill 
In your sights there was no judgement 
Nothing rained down upon my head 
Except pure love
Pure unfiltered love 
And the moment you stepped from my sphere 
I could feel it all come back again 
All the worry, all the tension 
All of the things I was running from 
It brought them into the sharp light of day
And made them clearer now
Now that I knew freedom was possible 
Possible to be lived, not just realised 


No explanations do justice to you 
No words can define what you mean to me 
You are beyond the reach of language 
And yet all the letters I write 
All the volumes I contribute 
To the annals of history 
Are all to pay tribute to you 
And what you saw in me 
That day

The Road

It was a long, long road 
With no end 
And all you need to realise 
Is that you are not the road 
Nor the one travelling it 
You are that which is aware 
Of the road and the travelling itself 
You are the one
Who sees the picture 
Whether good or bad 
Light or dark 
We are One


The emptiness fills up my room
A hollow no words or space can consume
I wait on the edge as it moves to my side
Nowhere to go and nowhere to hide
I think of my future and its a monstrous black hole
My past is like tar, the same shade as coal
My present, right now, is just standing still
Not pushed by time as its folding my will
I can’t play games or run races real fast
No enthusiasm lifts, the joy doesn’t last
Yet I’m dancing jigs in circles on the floor
Talking to people or holding a door
The small things in life are taking their toll
Showing a school where I want to enrol
I can’t understand the path that it weaves
Except it’s my home and it never leaves
So I’m broken and bent to multiplicitious shapes
As God builds an army of blue suits and red capes
I see it in their faces as they smile on their way
How light hits their eyes and emblazons the day 

And I worry each night that I might be alone
The only one drifting as I’m sunk like a stone
But it doesn’t seem real or possible to be
That everyone else isn’t just like me
The fear in their faces as they look out in loss
And I know in an instant we all pay the cost
When God lights a fire he blazes it strong
No way I could be the only one wrong
Especially him when I think of his way
He’s cut loose and freedom that sees me today
I want to cry out for some guidance from him
But he’s terrified too as he hides with his grin

Punch down posideans opening up at our knees
We buckle and break like wisps on the breeze
Fall into this place where all is so calm
Resting our hearts in the Lord’s open palm
Other days too he rises up like a knife
I’m cut into pieces and fear for my life
As he stalks and stares and everything’s seen
Beautiful boy punctures holes in my dream
Like the sky storm at night that moves like the sea
The fabric of somewhere that eats up at me
And I know I am safe though I tremble and shake
Bow down to him and just let him take
I wonder aloud what this could possibly be
Know in my soul, its God’s plan for me
I want to go together if we are to begin
His hand in mine, soft skin on skin
Draw down the acid, the venom’s sucked out
As we both come to learn what we’re really about


Am I just academic 
Is that what I am to you 
Am I just a theory 
That will never come true 
Am I just a game 
That we love to play 
But when it comes down to it
Its not going away

A View With Hindsight

I was so bitter and so undecided 
I'm better than that now 
Or is that just arrogance 
I haven't learned to allow 
I look at all the hurt 
And I see a damaged girl 
In the centre of it all 
In a heavenly swirl 
I see me lashing out 
In words and treble tones 
Looking for absolution 
In a world of groans 
But you can't find it here
My sweet petalled child 
You'll never find through war 
What is free and wild 
You'll never find through hurt 
The place that you can't touch 
And it is not a weakness 
To love someone that much 


You seem to emanate an unearthly kind of beauty 
That is beyond description 
It has the flavour of unconditional love 
And the colour white
The years pass by in a blink of the eye
And yet nothing changes
That eternal essence is still the same
And our bodies may age 
But we never will 
For we are the ageless 
Encased in a temporary form 
And all it takes is just that realisation 
And we are free

You Give Me Purpose

I love you for the truth you make me see 
And all my lies fall away 
In your presence
And I feel something akin to peace 
Or maybe it is peace itself 
Come to make known to me a place of rest 
I love who I am with you 
You bring out all of the colours inside of me 
And I see more vividly because of you 
But you are not for me 
Or so you say 
You are a passing gift 
That will stay forever 
Inside of my heart


I understand her and that's the point of the matter 
Despite our coming and going and the storms that batter 
I can feel her inside of my heart and my soul 
There's a place in us both that'll never grow old 
And though we may fight in the ethereal plain 
None of its real and its all in vain 
The closest I've known, she's a soulmate and friend 
And the oceans of us are letters to send  
So we're young and we're old, we're new and we're not 
We're always together no matter the shot


What good is a life if its not lived for truth 
What good is power, money or youth
It all lies in your willingness to be 
Lived for the Lord uncompromisingly 
And all the diversions that do distract
Are left to a script that you'll never enact 
And all of the suffering and the pain that ties 
Are undone by the power of that which never dies 
So take up your cross and follow the path 
Once you set forward you can never go back 
Nor would you want to ever give up 
That which you've found, the heavenly love
So let go and let be and let justice be done 
In all of this drama there is only One


Hesitation mars my actions
As I wonder is it okay
To do this or to do that
My barometer is gone 
And I can no longer tell 
What is relatively good
Or relatively bad 
All I know is the absolute 
And this imperious desire 
To share myself with the world
For better or worse

Time Capsule

Its like a time capsule 
Looking at these words I've written on a page
Frozen moments in time 
I want to preserve 
And I wonder 
Would they be of any interest
Or of any good 
To anyone else 



I used to think love was measured in tears
In how much you cared when they were gone
But I was wrong
Love is immeasurable
And cannot be confined
By any man made tools
It is bound to the infinite
And forever is on its breath
There is nothing you can do
Not to feel it
Because your own life,
Your very life,
Is an expression of it
Love abounds
It is plentiful and free
And costs nothing
Nor does it diminish
By being shared
But grows exponentially
And yet is beyond even growth itself
Love is
That is all

Photo Credit: http://adamscythe.deviantart.com/art/Always-587228628

A Place to Call Home

You're on a pedestal selling me this
But to tell you the truth I can't buy it
Dismals and hatreds and have to do thats 
While there's rivers of gold rising up at our backs
And put down pullovers designed to entrance
And force down decisions, give lie to the dance
This family you're raising, this world of your own 
You're peddling them hearts that are built out of stone
But this is our place and here we will grow 
Resurface the Earth and let freedom flow
And the devils and demons you've raised from their graves 
Will face us and fall, we're not to be slaves
Childlike holders of this place that we have 
To live it and love it and walk down its path 
Our footsteps just like the stones on the ground 
Whole with the fullness of the life that abounds
A pinprick that narrows right down to a point 
We are the world, that's how we're joined.