Could these words of mine console a broken heart 
Could they console a dying soul whose been broken from the start 
If just to say you're not alone, that I have been there too 
That is what I hope to God that these words will do 
But even more than understanding is to show a way out 
And in these days, newfangled ways, the light is what its all about 
And there is a place, a beach if you must know 
Where danger doesn't trespass, where terror doesn't go 
And it is there inside, deep within all of us 
If you just let love be and have a little trust 
The darkness isn't darkness, it is just the unknown 
And failing isn't failing, its just seeds that haven't grown
And you are far more precious than you could ever understand 
I know it in the moment I touch you with my hand
That we are all of us human, that evil isn't real 
And when badness comes to call its only what you feel 
So look a little closer and you'll see that you are strong 
You were put here for a reason, not to suffer on 
And even though there's pain, that is not the end 
The universe is kind, and it is your friend 
And no one's left behind, everyone's picked up 
In the simple love that is sent from above 
It is God's own doing, you don't get left behind 
And all that's troubling you is the torture of your mind 
But you are much more vast, much deeper don't you know 
You're the one who is aware of all the places you can go 
You are the space in which this whole world can play
And its not by your doing that things turn out this way
So know that you are perfect and I am perfect too 
And there is only One of us instead of two 
I don't know how to be free all I know is I'm unbound
I just get lost in knotted twine giving me the runaround
And if my words are harsh, then they're meant for your core 
Cause all that I can say in truth is I couldn't love you more

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