Tree Cutter

How a giant like me
Could be felled like a tree
By an axe so calm 
In a tree cutter's palm

Walking the road are bramble and bees 
Enough haze in the air to make a man sneeze
There's nothing to do and nothing to see
Except all of this wondrous unfolding around me 

I talk to the earth, its skin moves my bones 
And all of these pebbles are perfectly stones 
The sky blows the wind and fluffy and white 
Are all of the clouds that rained down last night 

I look at my shoes 
And how could I lose 
To be traveled and lean 
At a showstopping stream 

The greens are all vivid and paint me unique
The sky rebel blue like my unperturbed streak 
The path dusty yellow melds into the fold 
And a sea far away is sprinkled with gold 

How can it play out and be landscaped alive 
Hakuna Matata feeling my spirit thrive
As I forsake all to live in this place 
A waterfall fall with a smile on my face 

A giant like me 
Has been felled like a tree 
By an axe so calm 
In the tree cutter's palm

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