I know as sure as the light of day 
That I am for you on my way 
As sure as the stars shine from the sky 
I was made to meet your eye
The way the sea is for the shore 
I'm for you and so much more 
As the land comes bursting forth 
With craggy hillsides greening dirt 
Bequeaths an ancient promise told 
Your heart was made for me to hold
Your soul was made for me to shine 
Where ruby gemstones intertwine 
And lay you down once more again
Rest where you can call me friend 
Whereupon the daydream first began 
As fingers itched to hold your hand 
And I bowed low to see you there
Wind whispered secrets through your hair 
And left me open undecided
Uncertainty has not abided 
Life calls me to be beautified
So from you I no longer hide 
But sentinel to stand on guard 
Watch over you when times get hard 
The earth has claimed me for its own 
Be still for you, unmoving stone 
Though rushing waters crowd the deep 
This love between us does not sweep

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