When you talk and smile I know you're free
And couldn't be captured by someone like me 
I'm at a loss because there's nothing to do 
No way to be me to make you more true
Like stars in the sky I'm speechless and small 
No footing to fall back on at all 
Caging you would break my own palms
As you move like the dust and rise up in psalms 
My greed and disgrace hover mid air 
Helpless to hold as they move in my stare 
Lock on target, bullseye on the wheel 
What a way to live, beg bread and steal
Again I am moved by the weight of your face 
And I fall back and out from the rabbit I chase
How to be seen in eyes that can look?
I feel to bow down, my knee in the soot
Unworthiness feels like a vapourous dance
But your eyes are so honest and I am entranced 
I move like the wind some days of my life 
And I feel in this home we both are alright
I can no more hurt you than a raindrop the sea
There a power deep within that rises in me

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