It feels like a rebellion just to be true
I can't accept the things I can't do 
I can't accept the lines as they trace my frame 
I am not simply the words of my name 

It feels like a rock which is stopping the tide 
As the water pushes forward but it can't hide 
The strength of the stone embedded in the deep 
Thousands of years its place at the keep 

I feel like the flow is all at my back 
And is trying to push me forward 
Will I let go and finally fall 
Or am I too much of a coward 
Does it really take much to be human at all 
Or am I just losing this fight 
I don't think its this hard to fill out a card
To say it all is alright 

Now the water is deep and the water is wild 
And its been a while since I've been a child 
Can I really tell the colour from grey 
Or is it all blended blurred in such a way
I want to be weak and I want to be strong 
I want to feel like there's nothing wrong 
But something stirs deep inside to wake
And it isn't for my own sake 

So you say life's a dream and it always has been 
Should I just take your word 
I'd have to agree as to all it could be 
But that's the most truthful that I've ever heard
Now I love someone but its not to be done 
And I think my heart just might break 
And still deep inside something stirs in my eyes 
Calling me to wake

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