When You Looked Like Love

It was ‘14 and I was on the run
And you kinda looked like a loaded gun
And I wondered if you would go off
So I paid the cost
And let the ship go down
Kinda dropped out of that town
And they called it a scene
But, guess what, they are livin’ the dream
In a living room potion
I’m equal parts water and emotion
As the sea afloats
A rising tide that lifts all boats
In the midnight blues
Would you be just old news
If I read the feed
But wanting you made me bleed
In deeply unconscious states
The girl waits
For it all to be right
Then suddenly ignite
With all she is
But I am not his
In the movement that belies
The futile moment that he tries
To stem the flow
Of realizing I cannot go
Any closer to you
So, I’ll back off, that’s what I’ll do
Into the depth that surrounds
And riverbeds quake grounds
But they can’t uproot the tree
That’s been growing within me
So you can keep the label
I’ll keep the love, if I’m able!

Photo: https://pin.it/4qeR038

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