When We Are Together

I looked up, you caught my eye
And I thought; oh man what a guy
And I swear this love will never die
Not even if you try
To fit it into a little box
But I’m a magician and I undid all the locks
So that you might be free
But then you just ghosted me
And I look at my phone
It rings but I’m still alone
As I beg you to listen
And the diamonds glisten
On your rock hard skin
Why did you let me in
Just to put me out
And all of your self doubt
Drives a wedge between us both
I search the room for my coat
Coz I gotta leave
And would you believe
Me if I told you the truth
Pilgrimages to our wild youth
As we sing our hearts onto the screen
Was it all just a dream
All those 5 a.m. morning shows
I’m with you and anything goes
And I’m not sure but I think that he knows
And he’s lost people too
I act like I’m the Boss around you
Coz we were both born to run
And you stole the sun
From my sky
When you let the flower die
Not from want of soil
But from the emotions that embroil
And you rely on attention
But there are things I dare not mention
For want of words
I told you but I don’t think you heard

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