I found diamonds amongst the rubies
And did you ever go to Gubies
I know it’s not your scene
It’s just you were my dream
Now you’re with some other chick
And I’m at home just thinking a candle wick
And, man,it burns
But the axis just turns
Like some mad spinning ball
Is that what unites us all
As I’m growing flowers in the wherewithal
And you’ve gone door to door
You knocked on mine and what’s more
The ocean lets it’s own way on
But you look back and the sandcastle’s gone
What did we spend so long
For, what went wrong
When I spoke to you on the phone
How do I get you alone
And if I did
Could I steal what’s his
And have it for my own
You say we’re grown
But you act like a child
And I’m half wild
With flowers in my hair
I didn’t realise you were there
When you said; “em, ‘scuse me”
But you just wanna use me
To fulfill your projection
And the rejection
Has us both reeling
What were you really feeling
Please don’t lay down the law
Ice like that will never thaw

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