The Measure Of Love

To cry is not the measure of love
When I think of them I look above
And put a hand on my chest
They are the souls that know me best
And though our time together in form ran out
That you exist is beyond all doubt
As I read between all the lines
Have trust and faith in the Divine
To carry our rivers out to the sea
I don’t feel you’ve really left me
But stand beside me day by day
Making sure I am okay
Like you always did when you walked with me
Driving cars and drinking tea
Or playing drafts til the light went down
By the fire or in town
And I know, I just know that you’re still here
Like all of the things that I hold dear
Never to be put away
Not just something people say
But real and true in honesty
There’s no ending of you and me
But forever as a side by side
You’re as near to me and always alive
As when we shared the kitchen space
I’ll always cherish your beautiful face
And the love for me that you gave
I pray midnights and by day
For your soul to be free and near
I still sense your presence here
As you hold my hand and wake me up
When I’m in sadness like it’s not enough
And the waves of grief don’t consume
Coz I still feel you in the room
Guiding me on and forth
Connecting my spirit with the source
Of all life that we share
Thank you for always being there

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