Mutual Appreciation

It was mutual appreciation 
As I happened upon your station
And my eyes flick to yours
It’s nothing really, he demurs
As he blinks his eyes
Trying to calm my stormy skies
But my words fall silent
As the sea is calmed by the ultraviolet
Light that is
And for the moment that light is his
As he breathes in air
With a Presence that’s really there
It reflects my own
And he notices the change in tone
I can see him stare
As if he knows of all that’s there
I hold out my hand
Do you want to dance coz your looking grand
And he smiles askance
Like the earth is ground to hold our hands
And hesitate
“Could I really pull her out of that state”
But I’m not really in
And I think he knows as I’m looking at him
And bursts out laughing at something I say
And I feel the waves he holds at bay
Like oceans of hair that lap his face
And there’s not a single one out of place
Do I decide
To finally come out of the place where I hide
Shur, looket, I say, amn’t I fine anyway
I’ve been saving my courage for the journey
But would I make it with two
I’d sure as hell take that chance with you
And he pauses, then stares
And I can see that he cares
About everyone that comes his way
He really listens to what they have to say
But I love you, could I let that escape
Confess to the hero without a cape
Like some secret utterance to the stars
And I see us in different circumstances in bars
As you buy me a drink
But it’s more than that, I know, I think
Could we be friends?
He holds his hands out and I make amends
With all I’ve been keeping somewhere inside
He smiles at me and I am alive
But how do I let him know
The gratitude that suddenly flow
From my heart to yours and back again
One of the beautiful, born again men
Oh, to see the city
With you by my side, so sharp and so witty
I just smile
Then see you’ve been watching this whole while
Reading the book
Of the passing phases of my look
That you may see love
Coz you’ve been gifted from above
With those beautiful eyes
Heaven’s on Earth, I surmise
As you tell a little tale
Of something you love that isn’t for sale
I would that I could lend you my soul
So that you could know peace when the waves roll
Or maybe you do
I just want you to see the beauty that’s you
The masculine
The quintessence of the Divine

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