The Sky’s A Sea

It’s rumbling up a storm at the heart of me
Like tumbling through the dawn that’s a part of me
As the sun breaks the sky open in half
And we stare at the stars just for laugh
As it’s six am and internally
I’m screaming where the hell have you gone to be
Coz I’m in need and you’re the cause
I hit the diff and it says pause
As I wait on all your errant air
There was a time you were really there
And what was it I saw in your stare
That convinced me of an answered prayer
Coz you are the rhyme and reason
And every springtime is just a season
Where the new and green get to grow
I was flattered and I know you know
That that bird could think to alight
On my shoulder to put all things right
In growing up and getting sane
Come on now, brother, can you feel the rain
As it’s pouring through the veil
And, man, I am not for sale
For a pretty word and a smile
But for your depth I’d walk the mile
That it takes to reach back to you
I’m not a function of what you put me through
Only speaking of the light that shines
I watch you as you move with the times

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