Roll Back the Scroll

I don’t care about glory, I just get it done
I don’t need to be seen to be the One
The One who spins the axis on its fingertips
The One who lights up a midnight eclipse
And I may walk the bones of an ordinary
But you must know in eyes that I amn’t she
That I am deeper and more profound
So much so you don’t want me around
Because there is a threatening that happens then
I clip the edge of the wing on end
And a dovetail dive happens henceforth
Followed by untimely divorce
But how and ever, it came to be
The quintessentiality moving me
Rises up the bones of the Earth
You know the Apocalypse doesn’t have to hurt
Because the word is Greek for Revelation you see
And the Bible goes hard on being scary
But when you think it was written by men
If you think I’ll buy it, then guess again
Because the Rebirth is happening now
Can you feel the change if you listen somehow
The energetic shift at the poles of the sky
I don’t think the species will have to die
Not if the Angels finish the job
The 144 heroes I’m speaking of

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