This time is cosmic significantly
I’m here to uplift humanity
From its current abysmal state
But I must hide until fate
Gives me the go ahead to reveal
What’s already happened in what I steal
In what I take from the thieves that run
It’s too late now, it has been done
So baby watch the dominoes fall
In the years to come throughout it all
The power structures that did reign
Now cling to grasping in vain
And in their beautiful collapse
The organic will come back
A Garden that grows me up
Like Eden but instead of Love
It is Truth unconditionally
Not avoiding snakes and hysterically
Following a god that’s not much better
The Tree Of Life and bad weather
Will be broken back anew
Into Knowledge that can handle you
And the babes heretofore cried
It is for these that I died
So the running would run out
Trust the Word and not the mouth
Because the vessel is not the fruit
But merely the breath that God blows through

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