The Son of God is not a man
But a voice that says Yes I Can
A Vision that was born of old
A story that I never told
When in my room years ago
I conversed with who I don’t know
And he whispered lines to me
About who I would come to be
Trembling in 11 shoes
I thought of all my cannot do’s
But I accept, yes I will
It will take all your skill
For the pressure will be deep
But if you promise it will keep
Though the pain will hurt skin
Just turn to who I am within
And unequivocally I replied
If needs be, then take my life
Take all that is required
So I can take this system higher
But the break down of the systematic
Is what makes the news erratic
Have you noticed the speed
Which people talk and the need
Because there’s nothing more to say
The Ego has had its day
And it is dying by degrees
So anyone who gets off their knees
Contributes in some tiny part
Into the global human heart
That’s getting stronger and more firm
It was faint but I learn
That when the Love is trusted in
The planet will take care of Him
And raise Him up to higher planes
I speak no more of calling names
But only to worship on command
On bended knee, the Son of Man.

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