Merely the Scribe, I write the letters
He sends to me amongst the heathers
About the future planet spin
And how far to go within
So I translate as best I can
Get out of the way says the Man
And then I move and then I ache
It is my pen he will take
To move the ink and spill lines
About the end of the bad times
For all the people who tear bones
And scream in their all alones
Just let my words be the guide
I agree and am alive
As I wonder where it comes
I don’t stop and it is done
By a hand far greater than mine can be
But relinquishment allows the free
To speak with impunity
So grateful in my dignity
That I altar and idol make
The tomes that utter in my wake
But there is a caveat
Don’t identify with all of that
Just stay pure for me
Sincerely yours, Infinity.