People laugh at vocationally
What good is that gonna be for me
And people fear the Call
But the Call is the reason for it all
Because when the meaning of your life
Is mostly how to live with strife
Then look inside, see if you see
A greater, larger Destiny
Longing to make manifest
But it happens only on request
Only if you comply
And give up needing to know why
Cause answers are few on the ground
But happiness is all around
As you merge the infinite
With how you live your life
And springing up like wildflowers
More resilient than towers
That stare down into your eye
Tell you that you’re gonna die
But you find yourself laughing long
I’m sorry, but I am too strong
And see them crumble their defeat
They’re all hot air and no complete
But I trip the wire fantastically
How good it feels to be me
At last once more, as the Unborn
Come World, Come Life and Come the Morn

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