The Matrix is a Grid of Light
Waking up the world tonight
And the film is alright
But every day seems to be night
With robots bursting through ships
But this is more like an eclipse
With gold breaking the sun
Around the edges of undone
And in the faces that I see
Sparkling infinity
A light that shines back at me
In every pupil pair I see
And the wonder is that you
Don’t know how wonderfully blue
The irises around them are
I think I may lose my heart
To gaze back forevermore
Into the one that I adore
And in that deep suspense
An abiding Presence
That grows until its alight
Sparking up that night
Into an almighty roar
Of all the things that we are for
Because two can become one
In a way that’s not undone
But broken like an egg and shell
Is the secrets that we tell
And drop into each others arms
How did the trust ring no alarms
When he could see through walls
No boundaries and freefalls
That I aghast and run into
Is this safer and are you
But you split a smile again once more
And I collapse on the shore
Of our sacred vast serene
And this was not a dream
But the place where we are home
Thank God, I am not alone
But together with no pain
Like sunshine mixed with rain
To refract the One Light
We Crystalize the Infinite

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